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Hello World, again


Tiger Woods has proven me wrong too many times for me to get all caught up in whether he will rebound from his triple bogey streak of scandalous activities. He will forge on.

“Hello World”, will become, “How you doin.”

The list of busty babes is increasing by the minute, rehab is being mentioned for his supposed drug abuse, and his nanny turned wife Elin has supposedly filed for divorce.

Tiger Woods was designed by Earl Woods, his father, to be a professional golfer. Tiger Woods Incorporate has been regarded as a blue chip stock ever since he turned pro in 1996. He has single-handedly changed the way people view and play golf.

The PGA Tour without Tiger Woods is like baseball without the Yankees and Red Sox, basketball without the Celtics and Lakers, or hockey without, well actually a Tiger-less PGA is like hockey currently.

It lacks excitement.

Elin Nordegren has decided to dump her share in Woods Inc. The former nanny of PGA player Jesper Parnevik turned Mrs. Tiger Woods has reportedly hired a lawyer. She went from changing diapers daily to changing purses to find one that can hold all the money. Yet Tiger’s infidelities are proving to be too much for her to handle. The former nanny is embarrassed and her reputation has been destroyed.

She will be paid royally for her investment.

Jack Nicklaus spoke from experience when he was asked about whether he believed Tiger’s game would ever become, well human. He indicated that life changes when you get married and have kids, and that he wanted to see how Tiger’s game would change.

Tiger’s golf game suffered. His off the course game has seemed to flourish.

Seems like family life has taken the mental focus out of Tiger’s game. He was just another player when he teed it up. The intimidation was gone. He was softer, gentler, and talkative on the course. Players wanted to play with Tiger. The fear dissolved like the morning dew on the fairways on a crisp, cool morning.

Tiger Woods is a cheater, a suspected drug user, and soon to be single if everything goes down as expected. He also is the best golfer in the world, a marketing machine, and a multi-millionaire.

Accenture has dropped him; Gillette and Tag Heuer have put their campaigns with Tiger on hold. This vacation from golf hurts golf more than it does Woods. Why? They know he will be back or at least betting he will.

Phil Knight of Nike called this phase of Tiger’s as “a minor blimp.” I consider it a bad stretch, with plenty of golf left.

The marketing has already begun on how to market this new, flawed Tiger Woods.

“Hello World, again” works for me.




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animalfriend2u | Dec. 20, 2009 at 1:29 p.m. (report)

35358 so what.. the guy made a bad choice to cheat... why is it any of our concern?

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