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Readers Blog: Wally's Thoughts from WDW

Wally Gives Dog Travel Advice

During this holiday season, or as Ethel calls it, The Eating Season, there are some fun and not so fun things that happen.  One fun thing to do is travel to visit friends and relatives.  Two is to eat, and eat, and eat.  Therefore, Wally Dog would like to offer some Wally Dog Wear custom dog clothes tips on traveling and eating.

When you travel with your pet, it is like travelling with a child.   When travelling by car, Wally Dog has the following custom dog tips:

·         Make sure that all of the shots are current. 

·         You will need to make sure identification is in place and take along an extra set of collar, leash, and tags.  Wally Dog suggests that you get Ethel to make a Wally Dog Wear custom dog clothing name embroidered collar.  The collar should have your pet’s name and phone number in an easy to read font.  

·         Take your pet’s food and medications.

·         Take water from home.  There are times when the local water where you will be travelling will not be of the same quality your dog is used to drinking.  This may cause distress.  Taking along a gallon of water per day will help your dog’s tummy.  If you find you are running out of water, begin mixing it half with water where you are staying or used bottled water.

·         If staying in a hotel, first make sure pets are accepted.

·         Let people know where you will be staying ahead of time in case your pet gets lost, or does a Mr. Tux and escapes.

·         Take along your pet’s clean bedding if possible.  Everyone will be more comfortable that way.

·         Be prepared with poop bags.

·         Stop every two hours, just as you would with a small child, to let your pet walk.

·         Do NOT leave your pet in the car.  In winter, a car acts like a refrigerator and can cause serious damage to your pet.

These are just a few custom Wally Dog Wear and clothing tips to make your trip more comfortable.  There are lots of other good ideas and you can find them by doing a search, visiting an ASPCA website, or your local animal shelter.

Best wishes on your trip and a very Merry Christmas!

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