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Your Weekly "Lost"-cap: The Last Recruit


"Don't worry it's going to be ok. You're with me now."
The Last Recruit

:( Which is Jack, undoubtedly. And that's no good. But sometimes you have to poison the enemy from the inside questionmark???

Looks like you two have a lot of catching up to do.

Ben to the EMTs: "Where's his wheelchair?"
EMT: "Smashed to pieces...probably saved his life."
Interesting thing to say??
In addition to the juxtaposition of a Ben rooting for John to live, rather than throwing a cord around his neck, this incident is where the pieces start falling into place...

--Kate to Sawyer--

Sawyer: "Want an apple?"
Tempting like the devil?? Or like a Adam and Eve role reversal?

Sawyer: "You don't strike me as the murdering kind."
Kate: "That's because I'm not."
She's said this a few times now and part of me wonders if she really didn't murder her step-father turned father here in Sideways.

Sawyer: "You remember me? The airport? Don't you think it's weird? A week later, boom, of all the cars in Los Angeles, you smash into mine. Almost like someone's trying to put us together."
You know it, dude!!

--Sawyer to Sayid--

Sayid: "Everything will be ok for you now. I took care of it."
Nadia: "Did you hurt someone?"
Sayid: "I'm leaving and I'll never be able to come back again."

--Dez to Claire--

Dez: "I couldn't help noticing you're going to an adoption agency, alone. You should have some legal representation. Adoption contracts are complicated. You could find yourself in a situation that's irreversible. This attorney I'm seeing, she's excellent, plus she owes me a favor."
Dez: "Claire this is Ilana."
Ilana: "I'm sorry Claire Littleton from Australia? This is quite a coincidence...We've been looking for you."

--Claire to Jack--

Ilana: "Mr. Shepherd...I've got a surprise for you, do you believe in fate? ..."
Jack: "You found her."
Ilana: "Actually she found us."
Actually Desmond found all y'all.

--Jack to Sun, Jin, and Locke--

Jack to the Hospital: "No it's not a very good time, yes, they can go ahead and prep him."
Jin: "You're going to be ok."
Sun: "And the baby?"
Jin: "The baby is going to be fine. It's over...we're all going to be ok."

IS IT?? Because WHAT did Sun gasp when she saw Locke earlier in the neighboring gurney?
Sun: "! It's him it's him!"

I do believe that in her in-and-out of consciousness, Sun connected with the Island World and what was going on there with MIB. The fact that she's in the room right next to Locke will probably play a key role very soon......good thing she can speak English and explain it all to Jack :\

Surgeon: "It's bad. The victim was already in a wheelchair. Pre-existing spinal condition."
Jack: "I got this."
Surgeon: "What is it?"
Jack: "I think I know this guy."

I think we have some catching up to do.

Jack: "What bothers me is that I don't have any idea what you are? Why John Locke?"
Smlocke: "He was stupid enough to believe that he'd been brought here for a reason."
Jack: "He had to be dead before you could look like him. Who else have you looked like? I chased my father through the jungle...was that you?"
Smlocke: "Yes that was me. You needed to find water. This may be hard for you to believe, but all I've ever been interested in is helping leave."

Smlocke: "But because Jacob CHOSE you, you were trapped on this Island, before you even got here."
MIB fully admitted his knowledge of Jack being one of the Chosen, and that he WAS Chosen long before they all crashed there.

Smlocke: "Now Jacob's dead, we don't have to be trapped any more. We can get on a plane and fly away whenever we want to."
Jack: "If we can fly away whenever we want why are you still here?"
Smlocke: "Because it has to be all of us."
You keep SAYING that. Stop SAYING that.

Jack: "John Locke was the only one who ever believed in this place."
Smlocke: "John Locke was not a believer...he was a sucker."
You know what's weird about this show? Weird and awesome?? The fact that in one World I can really love a character, and in another, hate their guts. Like Claire, for example. Over in Sideways, she's so cute with her big pregger belly and bewildered blue eyes. But on the Island I want to punch her in the face. Meanwhile, I REALLY loath Smlocke. He's so SMARMY, I want to wipe that grin right off his face. But then I think back to John Locke the Believer...and I feel really bad :( I miss that guy!

Claire: "Did he tell you he was pretending to be our father? Now that you're here, it's good to see you. It really means a lot that you're coming with us."
Jack: "I haven't decided."
Claire: "Yeah you have. You decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us. Whether you like it or not, you're with him now."

Jack: "How long have you been with Locke?"
Claire: "Ever since you left."
Jack: "So you trust him?"
Claire: "He's the only one who didn't abandon me."

Kate: "We're leaving the Island."
Claire: "Then why aren't you waiting for John?"
Kate: "That's not John. Claire, come with us. I came back to get you so you could be with [Aaron] again...that's the only reason I came back to the Island."
Claire: "[MIB] finds out we're gone...he's gonna be mad."

Sawyer: "Sayid ain't invited, he's gone over to the Dark Side."
Ahh but has he completely??

Hurley: "But you can bring people back from the Dark Side...there's Anakin..."
Yes, that's more like it!

Dez: "So what did he offer you? If you're gonna shoot me in cold blood brotha, I have a right to know...what did you lose?"
Sayid: "The woman I loved."
Dez: "Where is she now?"
Sayid: "Dead."
Dez: "What makes you think Locke can bring her back?"
Sayid: "I died and he brought me back."
Dez: "So what will you tell her? When she asks you what you did to be with her again?"

Desmond sure is convincing. And I bet he just talked his way out of a well and shot to the brain area. Because Sayid, seriously, you gotta think. Do you really think you and your brooding darkness are going to make for a very loving mate after all of this?

Smlocke: "Sayid where have you been?"
Sayid: "Doing what you asked. I just shot an unarmed man, I needed a moment. Go and check if you like."

Sawyer: "Didn't think you'd show up, Doc. Taking orders ain't your strong suit. Nice to see you finally came around."
Jack: "Doesn't feel right...leaving the Island. I remember how I felt last time I a part of me was missing. We were brought here because we were supposed to do something. If that thing wants us to leave? Maybe he's afraid of what happens if we stay."

This is the part of the puzzle I'm having trouble with. If Sawyer stopped and thought for two seconds, he would agree with Jack. But I don't think Sawyer has seen enough of Smokey. I don't think he's had the same experience with the Evilness. Because if he had, he'd be very wary of Smlocke's obsession with getting off the Island. Because hello? Anything he wants to do? You do the opposite!

Jack: "The Island's not done with us yet."
Sawyer: "Well I'm done with this Island. If you want to take a leap of Faith, you take it."

Ok it might be a stretch, but this little Overboard Moment reminded me quite a bit of the time Sawyer jumped helicopter. Seemingly stupid, but both left their friends for the Greater Good. Well...hopefully....?
Sawyer: "We're done going back, Kate."

And after Sun and Jin's FREAKING FINALLY REUNION, and Sun regains her English, we get quite the plot twist....

Sawyer: "We had a deal!"
Zoe: "Deal's off."
Zoe to Widmore: "We got 'em, if you got a sight line on Locke? Fire when ready."

So many of you may have been left with an unsatisfying WHAT THE?!? OVER?! when the LOST logo thundered at the screen. Suddenly there are a lot of pieces unraveling......yet raveling all at the same time. In other words, while everyone seems scattered and the questions are bubbling to a massive boil, the pieces are there and they are very much coming together. When Worlds Collide.
I think the Dying Locke scene is going to extend itself obviously into the next episode, but perhaps into a few episodes, if not until the END of the series. Locke's life will hang in the balance and MIB's life might somehow depend on Locke's existence in Sideways. Something along the lines of: If Locke dies, then he never exists in Island World. OR what if it's the complete opposite. What if Jack is supposed to save Locke in Sideways to save everyone else? GAH! Darnit Lost with your It Could Be Anything realm of possibilities!!!! But we DO know that Jack--the most probable Final Candidate--will have a very key role in this event on BOTH sides of the coin. And a Smlocke divided against itself CANNOT stand.

Egg flavored Koolaid

The only real egg was that Ilana's law office was on the 15th floor. But also, the name of the lawfirm is Sweetzer and Verdansky. Verdansky is Ilana's last name, and if you switch two letters around you've got Vernadsky. Vladimir Vernadsky is considered one of the founders of geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and of radiogeology. Even more interesting is that Sweetzer, if you recall, is the name of one of the crossroads of the cafe that Penny suggested she meet Dez. (Sweetzer and Monroe)

But I also want to quickly delve into this little nugget from Sawyer:
"That's before she started drinking Locke's Koolaid."
I'm sure we all remember the store of Jim Jones and the "Revolutionary Suicide" that killed over 900 people by way of a scrump cocktail of cyanide and Flavor Ade. If not, let me recap: Jim Jones set up a sort of Communist Utopia in the jungles South America to help his fellow socialist Peoples Templites take refuge from scrutiny in California. Seems like a peaceful solution, right? Well Jim Jones developed a case of paranoiditis and things sort of crumbled from there. A congressman visited the commune to check out the scene and despite seeing that it was kosher and telling Jones things were a-ok, he left for America with a few Temple members who decided it wasn't for them. That set Jones overboard and he said, "I have failed" and "All is lost." Thus, on the airstrip to leave the commune, the congressmen, journalists and defectors were all were shot and killed by Temple security. The following day, Jones instructed all Peoples Temple members to drink the poison concoction, telling them that they needed to go down in history, chose their own way, and support socialism. Chose their "own way" by choosing Jones' way.

Not the best bedtime story, now is it? But it does make you think about our own Lost jungle and the pursuit of a better life. And how quickly and easily it can all go wrong.

Next week, The Candidate. Will the Candidate and the Last Recruit be the same person??? I'm lovin' this laid back, takin' orders, jumpin' off the boat Jack. He seems much more Candidate-ish than the Live Together Die Alone bully know-it-all we once knew. He's much more open to interpretation.

Additionally, your 'Cap 'Cappin' Cap'n is on roadtrip vacay next week! Never fear, however, as I will try my little Lost Lovin' heart out to get some wifi action somewhere along Route 66. Might be a little on the late side ;) ...Until then!

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katesi4 | May 5, 2010 at 8:31 a.m. (report)

35474 Not sure why you have to get all personal about it?? If you don't like the article or the way I write it, don't read it.

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milROCKeeguy | April 22, 2010 at 10:07 p.m. (report)

34540 rnzh102...I AGREE with you by the way...i think desmond is probably Jacob...thats why he had Syiad kill him, which he didn't...and why he is 'touching' everyone in the alternate world...and trying to kill Locke...bad locke...and it's just a continuing cycle...and these souls are "lost." oh great, now i sound like the person who wrote this article.

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milROCKeeguy | April 21, 2010 at 4:41 p.m. (report)

34540 Wow are you looking way too much into the smallest need to check out some social places...grab a drink people. i love the show but it doesn't drive me this crazy...have you thought of appyling to be on the TV show "Intervention?"

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rnzh102 | April 21, 2010 at 10:29 a.m. (report)

Did you notice that smoke-Locke couldn't kill Desmond? Did you see how he looked at him before throwing him down the well? I am betting that Desmond is Jacob's replacement and thus cannot be killed by MIB

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