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Lives change in dribs and drabs, in falls, in sudden soars, with trauma, loss, raves and praise, with the people we happen to meet, a dream that awakens us in the night, chance remarks, sudden insights, and we may be aware, or unaware, that something’s different. 


When Jeff Poniewaz invited me to be part of the Earth Poets in 1988, I did wonder whether I was really a poet, to say nothing of whether I was an Earth Poet! After all, I’d written very few poems, and only one worth mentioning. 


But gals who can’t say no, say yes I guess, and here I am 22 years later still an Earth Poet, and thankful beyond words. Beyond words, thankful to be on words, be on words, that’s what I mean, I’m on words, high on words, mesmerized by the sound and meaning, the transmutations, the way each word leads to the next just as each step leads to the next.

And walking the steps of the Earth Poets changed the direction of all our lives as we each grew in our poet shoes, critiqued each other’s work, performed together frequently.

 Eventually Harvey Taylor started to sing his poems, Jahmes Finlayson and later the lovely Holly Haebig joined our group, transforming us to Poets and Musicians. I’d already seen Jahmes perform with his wild array of percussive instruments, and I’d thought he’d be great to collaborate with. And he’d seen me perform and had thought, who is this crazy woman? I think that meant he, too, wanted to collaborate. So here was another opportunity created by being an Earth Poet, and he and I collaborated several times.

 I do now consider myself part poet, blogger, journal-writer, along with several other faces, and almost all the poems I’ve written are for Earth Poet performances.

 On September 23, we’ll be performing as part of the Library and Zoo’s “Language of Conservation” series. Here are the details:



Thursday, September 23, 7 PM

Centennial Hall, Loos Room

733 N. Eighth Street


Harvey Taylor, Louisa Loveridge-Gallas, Jahmes Finlayson, Suzanne Rosenblatt, Jeff Poniewaz, Holly Haebig




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