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Readers Blog: Dear Groom

Visiting Milwaukee

So, I am visiting Milwaukee for the Thanksgiving holiday and i have not been back in three years. Wow!!! I came from California for a couple weeks to be with family & friends. My dad is a client of Groom For Men, he is very particular so i know I will be in good hands. I plan on coming in and getting a few services done and by the looks of your website Im excited too se it in person. However in the mean time I had a couple questions regarding the cold weather and care of my skin. I have only been here a couple days and I'm a chapped mess from my lips to the tip of my nose. Can you recommend some products or services I can do too solve "THE DRYNESS"!!! Help ladies!!!

Well first off welcome back to Milwaukee!!! Oh, yes and the brisk air. Okay so no fear the troubleshooters are here getting rid of the dry skin from ear too ear.

First off come and and experience a great Facial they are priced at $30.00 and well worth it!!! We carry Dermalogica skin care and one of our barbettes can create your facial specially to gear too your skins needs even down to lip care. Although your are dry as a bone some areas may be oily as well. Then after you have had one of facials it's time to get a razor shave with one the barbettes. Not only will your skin feel and look amazing after but this does reomve dead skin from your face. Win Win situation!!!! And once again SUPRISE we sell the products so you can bring the Groom experience home with you.  Now if you are also looking for a haircut... here we are. Our hair care lines American Crew and Kevin Murphy of course are vast and we do once again apply and go over what products we are using geared toward your needs. As far as your lips Groom chapstick is the answer moisturizing and has an SPF 15.

We hope we helped the"DRY" thing... Please be sure to call us 414-298-2076 and come in and experience Groom with our without your pops!!!! And note too self all of our products are for sale when you do go back to Cali at On your first order you recieve a free gift and we can always have your barbette change your skin regime via phone!!! Another satisfied customer... nothing like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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