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15lbs...3weeks, Day 8

One week down and 6lbs gone. The first week is the easiest because of the loss of what is referred to as ‘water weight’. Carbohydrates carry water into the muscle so when carbs are reduced, water is reduced and this is referred to as ‘water weight’. I’m going to have to step up the workouts and stay on par with my diet to keep the weight coming off. As a person looses weight their body requires less calories so calories may need to be decreased as weight is loss. Conservatively restrict calories when starting a new diet as you may need to decrease them as you progress through the diet. Calorie intake is a balancing act when dropping weight. Of course you need to reduce calories to drop weight but, if you do not take in enough calories the body will think it is starving and it will lower it’s metabolism in order to conserve energy. It is a good idea to consult your health professional, fitness professional, or nutritionist to determine a healthy daily calorie intake for weight loss. 

I want to talk a bit more about carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not the enemy in weight loss, they are necessary to fuel your body and even burn fat. It is refined carbohydrates that are unnecessary. White bread, white pasta, white rice, and SUGAR. I emphasize sugar because it is in EVERYTHING! Try going 1 day without consuming sugar. That means read all the labels and make sure there is not sugar in the food. Natural sugar in fruit is fine. I’m referring to processed sugar put into process food. Sugar has no nutritional value other then providing calories. Sugar stimulates pleasure receptors in the brain which makes it addicting. Essentially, Americans are sugar addicts. When you are addicted to something you crave more of it. So, if food manufacturers know that Americans are addicted to sugar and they put it in food then we will consume more food. Peanut butter is a good example of this. Did you know you can get peanut butter just by grinding peanuts? So why is there oil, salt, sugar, and sometimes molasses added to it? What about applesauce? Fruit is naturally sweet, so why add high fructose corn syrup to applesauce? Everyone thinks yogurt and granola is a healthy snack. Flavored yogurts are full of either sugar or high fructose corn syrup and granola is rolled in oil and sugar then baked. The reason I post my meal plan ever day is so you can see a pattern to what I am eating. The only simple carbohydrate in my diet is a plain rice cake that I eat post exercise. If I have a rice cake as a snack then I add natural peanut butter to it which will slow down the digestion of the carbohydrate. The other main point is there is NO SUGAR in my diet! If you want to drop weight fast get rid of the sugar and any foods that have added sugar....and goodbye to the weight. If I do have a sweet tooth I have a piece of sugar free gum or some fruit. The reason for omitting refined carbs and sugar is that these items will spike your insulin level which will shuttle those carbs into your fat cells and make you hungry again soon after. The goal is to keep insulin levels low and steady throughout the day and avoid spikes. 

Week 1 progress report 140.6 lbs and 21% body fat. 

Todays meals:

  1. Oatmeal, cinnamon, 1/3 banana, Whey Protein. *egg whites or egg beaters can also be used for protein instead of a protein shake. 
  2. 2 plain rice cakes, 12 almonds
  3. 4oz chicken, 1 apple
  4. 4 oz chicken, 1 cup broccoli
  5. Casein protein shake


Today’s workout:

Morning- Fasted Cardio

Evening- Abs, lower back, 30 minutes cardio

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