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15lbs...3weeks, Day 9

Bear with me as I am behind in posts. I'm in the process of moving and I have just enough time and energy left over to get my workouts done. 

Day 9. I woke up Saturday excited for my going away party later in the evening. I started my day with a bootcamp class which was a great change from my daily routine. I was frustrated when after the workout I realized I had forgotten my post workout meal. Fortunately, there was a restaurant at the location in which I was able to order a 3 egg white omelet with vegetables (NO cheese), whole wheat toast (no butter), and fresh fruit. Later that evening I met with friends for a going away dinner. I went to the dinner with my usual thought that I would find the healthiest option on the menu and stick to water. I usually allow myself 1 treat meal per week but I wanted to stick to my diet plan so that I can achieve my goal of loosing 15lbs in 3 weeks. At some point I lost sight of the plan and decided to live large for my last night out in Milwaukee. I let loose enough to indulge at dinner and have a few cocktails, I had not had liquor in 2 years prior to this night. I’ve had the occasional glass of wine, but I usually stay away from liquor since one leads to two which leads to a few....and that is exactly what happened to me last night. By the fourth cocktail around 1am I was regretting this decision. I just felt sick and a bit hungry. This helped me realize how easy a night out for most people can turn into consuming empty calories through alcohol then grabbing a bite of something greasy before going home to pass out. I still managed to refrain from greasy food. I simply came home to consume as much water as I could before I passed out. Naturally I woke up the next morning feeling miserable from the night before. I thought perhaps I had put on a pound or two from the night before and would be able to put in some extra time in the gym on Sunday and work them off. I stepped on the scale to see an additional 5lbs! I was incredibly upset. It took me an entire week to drop those 5lbs and only 1night to put them back on. I was frustrated because I know better. I know that proper nutrition is 80% of the weight loss equation. I let my guard down and thought one night would not derail my progress. Not only did I consume empty calories on Saturday night, but I felt so bad on Sunday that I didn’t workout. I spent Sunday consuming water, and vitamins, resting and getting back on my diet. I spent a few minutes being upset over my actions from the previous night and then got over it and will use it as a learning experience. I have been living a healthy lifestyle for over 2 years and I have found it difficult to relate to people that go out to eat and drink on a regular basis. Last night was an opportunity for me to remember what that lifestyle is like so that I can better relate to people and to remind me of how far I have come in my own journey to a healthier life.

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