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Readers Blog: Dobie Maxwell's 'Dented Can' Diary

SUCK IT, Favre!

Saturday January 15th, 2011 - Fox Lake, IL

   What a moron I can be at times. I laid down for a nap late this afternoon and slept most of the way through one of the greatest Green Bay Packer playoff wins in history. I nodded off and didn’t wake up until way late in the game when I turned on the TV just in time to see a Packer field goal attempt bounce off the goal post. I had no idea what the score was.

   I felt my heart sink as the ball bounced, but then I saw the score and it turned my frown upside down in a hurry. What a game! I knew I’d be able to catch the highlights on ESPN over and over again, so it wasn’t a total loss. I’d rather do that than have to watch a whole game when they get throttled. I’ve sat through way too many of those. This is a lot better.

   I had a chance at a possible gig tonight, but it fell through late this afternoon. I’m glad it did, as it was one of those small town low paying hell holes I’m trying to avoid. The only reason I said I’d do it was the booker was a comic and trying to get the gig going. I know how it is, and if he couldn’t have found someone I’d have helped out. Thankfully, he did.

   That’s why I took the nap. I had several offers to watch the game, and every one was at a good location with people I wanted to hang with. I hadn’t made a decision, and planned to as soon as I woke up. Oops. Too late. But anytime the Packers win, life is going well.

   After the game, I caught the highlights and enjoyed every one of them. This is a team to be proud of, and it all starts with Aaron Rodgers. The more I watch that guy, the more he impresses me. He’s handled himself with the utmost class, and it’s easy to cheer for him.

   I have to believe Brett Favre is stewing in his own juices right now. That makes it even sweeter. I know he doesn’t care what I think, but it’s still a ripe juicy cherry on top of the whole sundae. He pulled his little crybaby routine, and after it was all said and done, he’s not even in the conversation anymore. He’s had his day, and Rodgers is just entering his.

   The whole team is looking lean and mean. The defense is as together as I’ve ever seen it, and Clay Matthews looks like a budding superstar. Coincidentally, that’s the guy they drafted with the pick they got from the New York Jets for old number 4. Justice prevails.

   The rest of the offense is loaded with hard working class acts. That makes a difference to me, as it’s getting rarer and rarer. The Packers aren’t a bunch of thugs that aren’t team players. As a fan, I can put my total backing in this group of players and I do. I love them.

   Atlanta has a good team too though. I respect how they bounced back from the Michael Vick nightmare and turned that team around in a short time. They’ll be back next year for another run, and they could easily go all the way. Not this year though. GO PACKERS!!

   I’m not going to question why I’m so hooked on the Packers. I am, and that’s that. They really could win the big one this year, and I may never get to see that again in my lifetime. I’ve come too far to drop out now. I’m all in. Bring on those nasty Bears. Suck it, Favre!

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