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'YOUR' first, last, and ONLY $Dollar came from business activity. Not the Government who stole it from some body or some corporation in the form of taxes and fees, and has given to someone who has no hope of ever EARNING a $dollar.

"It's the economy stupid. Always has been. Always will be." I don't give a rats behind about all these give-a-way programs rammed through by well meaning legislators. Grid Lock is Good Lock.
For every new law on the books two old laws ought to be deleted. Or better yet all proposed new laws, debated and voted on by the law makers MUST be presented to the population to be voted on again in a National referendum fashion, twice a year. If a passed law becomes voted in by the population...than it becomes law. If not, that proposed law goes away. Or waits till the next referendum.

Want to kill something? Just tax it to death. A strong economy will take care of the welfare problems without government help. What was 'Cash for Clunker's? A tax reduction. Did it sell cars? Jump start the car market? No it did not.
As Joe Biden said, "To keep from going broke we got to spend more money" that is Keynesian economics and it has never worked, not in 1917 that took down the stock market in 1929 and not in 2011. It took 25 years for the 1929 stock market to rebound to where it was before the 'crash'.
Bush had us near 13,000. Now were hovering around 10,500. Thank you Barney Frank-->"No matter how poor you are, no matter how black you are, no matter how much you don't understand the concept of a balloon mortgage, that's no reason why you should not own your own home." That premise of 1991 started the sub-prime market that created this mess and Barney Frank and his gang of 12 ran Fanny May and Freddie Mac to push this agenda in direct contrast to free market trade and common banking practice. Bush with the loss of the House and Senate was powerless to stop it. But Bush did warn against this practice. Nobody heard the warning as it was not reported in the main stream media. By the way, Canada does not allow a sub-prime market. They don't have this problem. But they do pull about 70% in taxes out of the wage pool to pay for socialized medicines.

Wealth trickles down. I wish every other individual was a multi-millionaire. That way I'd have hopes of becoming a thousandaire.

How about being a Constitutionalist? Instead of a Liberal, a Democrat, a Republican, or an independence? Independents are people who do not have the stones to say they are Democrats. So lets learn and abide by The Constitution.

Show me in Wisconsin's Constitution where it says...and just start naming off the B. S. like...

 ~A Spanish influenced and designed train between Madison and Milwaukee, who's going to ride that? [It is not a high speed train and I suggest we follow the money]. And why a company out of Spain, given a sweetheart deal here in Wisconsin, to build the stupid train? Follow the money.

~More money for schools. Do the kids ever see the benefits? No way. The cash goes to the teachers unions and administration wages. Why is it everything bad is either unions or liberals?
~How come the average tenured Milwaukee Public school teacher makes $100,00+ for nine months of teaching. And upon retirement takes with them more than a $million of which they did not pay a dime toward. Why is it the MPS has the absolute lowest test scores in America? The absolute lowest! None lower. The teachers are paid $100,000 for what? Baby sitting for the parents?

~There is no Global Warming. Period. C02?--> 'C' in 'O' out. Plant more trees if your worried about running out of 'O'. I'm not worried.
N.A.S.A. land-sat surveys indicate that 2% to 3% of the land mass in America is paved with roads, sidewalks, pools, parking lots, airports, malls, and home and business roof tops. That leaves a lot of fly-over country undeveloped.

~How about a post card from the 'Infernal' Revenue Service asking for a flat Federal tax from ALL wage earners and ALL business's?
People; what does it say on your W-2 or 1099 form? Please send Uncle Sam a check for 10% of that amount. One time a year. Business too. No deductions of any kind. You buy the stamp and the envelope. We promise not to embarrass ourselves by asking tax payers to check-mark a box donating one dollar to this or to that.
Then after a fixed Federal tax is established and business can forecast, the individual State tax needs to be trimmed the same way. This gives people and business's a chance and incentive to move out of the higher taxed states.
And an out of the country business doing business in America? Send Uncle Sam a check based on 10% of the world wide gross moneys earned. Then you deal with your own country's taxes.

Term limits for all elected officials? We limit the presidency to two why not the senators and congressmen?

Pay for elected officials?-->Take the weighted average* of the bell curve for the population that each elected official represents in their home district, and pay them that average. No perks. No 'Nancy Pelosi' private jets. Let these folks flying rub elbows with there fellow citizens. Do them good. Let them buy their own health care as well.

So the guy representing Alexandria, Virgina [a suburb of Washington D.C. and the richest county in America would be the highest paid, simply because the weighted bell curve is up there. He or she may very well become a 'slacker'. While the least paid fellow representing the fine folks in Boo City, Mississippi, which is the poorest county in America will be paid the least. So instead he or she being a slacker, they'll have to be a go-getter to raise the average of the district if a decent wage is to be earned by this elected official.

So what happens to all the unspent donations to candidates after elections? They get to keep what's left after the bills have been paid. I'll bet that's how U.S. Senator Russ Feingold has amassed a reported $11 to $13 million dollar war chest. He certainly was not paid that much in 16 years of public service...or was he? After all Obama's vacant seat as an Illinois senator is worth well over $million according to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, "I'm not just going to give a way the seat. The 'flipping' thing is worth $million dollars." I like wire taps.

Sounds like a plan to me. Anybody but a Liberal or a Democrat.


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