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Wisconsin Teachers Cheat

Wisconsin teachers and State Democrat lawmakers are teaching our children today despite their absence.

In replacement of the normal curriculum and democracy a lesson of how to lie, cheat, steal, and hate has been taught to Wisconsin children watching as their teachers and politicians over-ride Democracy and become the fascists and tyrants themselves.

All of this has been done in a desperate attempt to avoid losing a vote that would squash the ability of the unions to DICTATE their own terms. Teachers called in sick, persuaded their students to call in sick, and then drove many of the students to Madison to protest.  Many of the students when asked why they were there had no reason or proved to be oblivious to what the protests were about.

Meanwhile, our state's Democrats play hookie, calling in sick and fleeing to other states. Wisconsin Democrats proving they have no respect for Democracy, laws, or the majority of the state's voters. If the rest of our country followed this example... Democracy in America could disappear over night.

I wonder how many of those faces in the mass of protesters are actually children that don't even understand what they are doing?

In this monkey see monkey do world we live in there is no doubt that this protest has been influenced by the events in Egypt. The problem is there is no similarities between the two situations, other than both are using modern technology like the internet and social networking apps to sway the masses. The revolution in Egypt was a people's revolution that represented the majority of Egyptians.  The attempts at revolution in Madison do not reflect the majority of the people therefore it is not a people's revolution it is a Coup d'état.

Wisconsin had a democratic election in which our Governor was chosen by the majority of voters, he is not a dictator put into power by a minority. The greedy, sore-losers, are teaching our kids that it is okay to disrupt democracy and freedom if it serves their purposes even if they aren‘t in the majority. Scott Walker called for the end of the union monopoly that is intent on stuffing their pockets with our tax money meanwhile failing to teach our kids.

I am in total agreement that the corrupt unions that are weighting our society down need to be squashed. It seems that the majority of Wisconsin unions, teachers, and liberal politicians are not only hypocrites but have become the dictators that they despise so much.

Hosni Mubarak might be looking for a new Dictator's position... Wisconsin Teachers Unions... or the Wisconsin Democratic Party might be the perfect fit.

 Interesting footage of the protests can be found on youtube at the provided link.

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