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The UWM Campus was in Never Neverland as usual on Thursday, when both staff and students apparently confused their own campus for the State‘s Capitol or were mislead into thinking Scott Walker was visiting to speak that day. Or, at least you'd think so considering they stayed home to protest the lawmakers in Madison.

They protested Scott Walker and allowed each other to play revolutionaries during recess, just like in Cairo and Madison, the students and staff gathered in mass. During their lunchtime social, they played children's games like oral Simon-says, training the students to repeat their rhetoric, and apparently felt their message was best left preached to the choir. They appeared to be led by a young woman named Rachel Matteson.

The Darling children, the Indians, the fairies, the pirates, the mermaids, the Lost Boys, Tinker Bells, they were all there... I'm pretty sure the full cast turned out for this one. Peter Pan staff and student groups deluding the college kids into the belief that the political microcosm that is campus life, represents the rest of America and that this bubble they live in has anything to do with the reality outside the University. There was a heavy wind that day, some thought it might be "The Wind Of Change" while I thought it may be God farting on the spoiled Northshore brats that have gathered to censor their stupidity.

Now, they have gone pirate just like Captain Hook, they think they can take whatever they want. They aren't playing by the rules anymore they've gone rogue. A pound of flesh and they still want more. "No Budget Cuts, No Pay Cuts, No Tuition Hikes" reads one sign.

You won't find a Scott Walker analogy here because he doesn't live in Neverland, he lives in the real world along with the private sector. It's the 10% that make up the public/union sector that want the other 90% to pay for everything that is in their interest.

I am starting to wonder if our schools and universities haven't actually become Neverlands where children never grow old, because judging by their childish behavior and selfishness, the staff are just as lost in fantasy land as the students.

Someone estimated there was 5000 people on hand but this seemed like an outrageous exaggeration.

The protest signs all seemed to be made at the last minute with very little thought or effort or industriousness, just like the protest itself. The crowd, mainly made up of very young people, just watching or hanging out, and not actually participating in the shouting or sign waving, seemed apathetic.

Some chanted, "Kill the Bill" followed by wooing, a band begins playing and singing, "Walk-Out" over and over.

Two male students are seen together holding a pair of signs that read, "Scott Walker Gives Good ****jobs." Near by is a rainbow flag and a person from the LGBT group with an almost unintelligible sign that reads something about Scott Walker, that jokes, "What A Drag." Assuming this is a joke in reference to Drag Queen.

Another sign reads "you have a voice make it heard" which leaves me wondering isn't that what the election was for?

They chant to "Oust Scott Walker" and "Stand Up Fight Back." Could this all be anymore 'Wannabe Egyptian Revolution Part 2' than it already is? Could these protests of late be anymore monkey see monkey do then they obviously are?

I thought the scene on the UWM campus that day couldn't be anymore high school like or childish, but then somebody set off the fire alarm. Another sign reads, "We Support our Teachers" and I think to myself... no you don't if you did... you would support higher tuition.

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