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Three Lions Pub - Shorewood's British Side!

Three Lions Pub recently opened in Shorewood taking the place of North Star Bistro that relocated right across the street. After countless days of driving by and trying to peek in I decided to actually stop, park and venture inside to have a look around.  I had received a number of questions via Facebook and Twitter about Three Lions Pub and their food/ menu selections so I thought it was a great time for a brief article (more to come later).

Unlike our usual reviews I asked to speak with the manager or owner when I arrived and was introduced to one of the owners, David Price. As David quickly moved from the bar to the kitchen and throughout the dining room all while shaking hands, hugging friends and calling people by name, I knew this was going to quickly become, if it hadn’t already, an amazing neighborhood British pub.


David took me to the kitchen and told me a little about their small menu and the plans they had to grow it little by little. We will be sure to keep you updated as the selections grow! As for what is already coming out of the kitchen I was able to capture the following so you could see just what’s happening in the Three Lions Pub kitchen!

The Fish & Chips ($10.95)  are sure to be staple for Three Lions patrons. The unique English Batter recipe was perfect on my cod and it didn’t take long for the entire dish to disappear.  The batter was flavorful, but light enough that you still had a great balance to ensure you didn’t overwhelm the actual fish.

A new dish to me was the Welsh Rarbit ($8.95), read that again I said Rarbit, at first glance you might see rabbit as I have been told many customers do. This unique dish is a beer cheese sauce sprinkled with crispy bacon and served with tomato in the center. You’re given toasted wheat bread to dip and enjoy as well.  Really an interesting concept and when you put together beer, cheese and bacon you know it’s going to be a hit!

If a burger is something you are in the mood for the Lions Head Burger ($8) with its toasted Brioche bun and handmade 8 oz. patty is a great option. Diners are given the choice of adding mushroom and onion or cheddar, swiss and of course bacon as well!

The kitchen is also preparing an British staple – Pub Chicken Curry and Chips ($11.95) which seemed to be on quite a few tables during my visit. I didn’t have the opportunity to try this time around, but if I had to judge based on smells and photo alone then this would make an appearance on my table the next visit for sure.


With Shorewood losing The Brit Inn back in 2009 it’s nice to see Three Lions Pub in the neighborhood. They are already providing a unique menu and from the looks of the crowd during my visit the local have embraced them with open arms.

Three Lions Pub is still creating their website  so you won’t find a menu there, but we have provided a scanned copy of their menu which can be found here – Three Lions Menu.  Please enjoy!

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