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Readers Blog: Dobie Maxwell's 'Dented Can' Diary

Go See Jeff Cesario

Friday April 1st, 2011 - Milwaukee, WI/Stevens Point, WI

   A pleasantly busy day today. I was up early and ready to work. I did two gigantic loads of laundry, and that’s always a treat because now I’ve got clean clothes to wear. I was at the end of the line, and some odd fashion combos were right around the corner - not that my usual wardrobe would ever be identified as fashionista. I’m more like a bachelorista.

   Anyway, it always feels like I’ve accomplished something when I get laundry done and I have accumulated a lot of underwear and socks so now I won’t have to worry about it for at least a couple more months. The day was a success before 8am, the rest was a bonus.

   I cleared out a big pile of emails as I did laundry, and also got to relish the sexy charms of Robin Meade on CNN Headline news and baseball highlights on ESPN. I’m glad to see baseball back, even though my Brewers got embarrassed in Cincinnati in the last at bat. I’ll be able to savor the Packers’ Super Bowl win the rest of the year, baseball is a diversion.

   I hadn’t been on The D List on ESPN Radio 540 in Milwaukee in a while so I swung up to Milwaukee to hang with Drew Olson and Dan Needles on the air. They’ve anointed me with ‘walk on’ status and I can come in whenever I want, but I always check beforehand.

   Drew said come on up, so I did. Coincidentally, one of the other guests was one of my all time favorite comics Jeff Cesario who is doing a big charity show next Saturday at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee. Jeff is a fantastic comic and one of the nicest human beings I have ever met in my comedy travels. He’s originally from Kenosha and now lives in LA.

   Back in the ‘80s Jeff and I worked at a big club in Atlanta called The Punch Line. That’s where Jeff Foxworthy started and in the comedy boom years it was one of THE best clubs in America. Atlanta was smoking hot for comedy, and it was a real thrill to get a gig there.

   I knew Jeff was from Kenosha, and told him I was a fellow cheese head and he couldn’t have been nicer all week. He gave me some tips and just showed by example how to be an entertainer. I’ve never forgotten it, and have used his example to show others as I came up the ranks. I never wanted to bother Jeff or ask him for anything, but I always admired him.

   I got a chance to tell him that on the air, and I appreciated it. He was on the phone, and I hope he didn’t think I was a goof but I meant what I said. He really is a top level guy on stage and off. If you have a chance to go see him next Saturday, do it. It’s a charity event, so you’ll have a good time and help a cause. That’s about as good as life gets, so have fun.

   Speaking of fun, I had lots of it tonight working a great one nighter in Stevens Point, WI at a sports bar. It was nuts to butts sold out, and they were really there to laugh. I thought it was going to be miserable, but was pleasantly surprised. Everything about it was a good experience, from the crowd to the hotel. The owner was a younger guy who’s really sharp and it shows. He treated us great and runs a slamming joint. The opening act was a funny kid out of the Detroit area named Matt McClowry who ripped it up. Good day all around.

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