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Drink Like My Momma

I think it's important to start this blog by letting you all know that my family is from the south. My mom's family is from South Texas, while my dad's family - originally from the DC area - is from South Carolina. This means that we're very fond of our southern food and our stiff drink. Most of my family can both eat and drink me under a table.

My mom, the only one who still lives in South Wisconsin, is no exception. When I was in elementary, middle and high school, she was a model mother: available and ready for every event. Since graduating, I'm glad that she's found a blossoming social life. For her, this quiet often means good food and a stiff drink (aka: the southern way).

It's not unusual for my mom to know about a lot of bars that I've never had any idea about. Tonight was no exception. She picked me up at my house off of Brady Street at 5:15, only 20 minutes after I returned from the gym. From there she dragged me off to Benelux, the beautiful cafe that opened across from the Wicked Hop in the Third Ward. It hosts more beers than i can count between both my fingers and toes and a gorgeous downstairs and upstairs rooftop patio. We had a single beer - mine a stout and my mom's some fancy light that came in its own carrier - and enjoyed the rooftop view.

From there we headed off to meet up with some of my mom's friends. At first, we started at Harry's Bar in Shorewood, but quickly moved to an Italian restaurant near UWM. We feasted on pasta and house wine to celebrate one of my mom's friend's anniversaries from retiring from UWM. After, we moved on to the Hamilton, an East Side bar that I had never heard of (this is where my mom puts me to shame).

The Hamilton is a gorgeous bar off of the northern regions of Water Street (just north of Trocadero). It hosts a beauitful cream brick interior and a list of cocktails so delicious that I can't even being to describe them. My favorite was the "Call Me, Madam," which came as a drink and a side drink. Perfectly balanced between citrus, herbal and boozy, the drink was well worth the $9 charge. The Hamilton is well decorated with thick velvet curtains and relaxed leather seats that make you feel at home in the bar space. Although I gave my mom quite a bit of grief for first ordering the "Somewhere, Magnolia," being that my mom is a southern gal, I forgave her because the ambience is so welcoming.

The Hamilton is definitely a hidden gem that my momma exposed to me. I look forward to getting back there and opening up some new expectations and experiences. The new backroom of the Hamilton - one currently waiting final touches -begs the presence of bands, partying and cocktails, which I'm sure my Milwaukee friends can provide. I'm excited to get back to this new bar - and experience all sorts of new cocktails. And the thanks for it all? Drinking like my momma.

Thanks, Mom.


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