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Everyone Needs a Bud...

My family and relatives from Arizona were in for the weekend and in plotting things to do, I decided to use OnMilwaukee's very own restaurant and bar guide as the Magellan of our party to navigate exactly where to go ...

After hitting up the more obvious hot spots like the Safe House and Sobelman's over the weekend, we concluded the mini-vacation on Monday night with a stop on the river. Letting the GPS lead the way, we came to a crossroads of parking lots on the Bay View side of town. I, being the only real Milwaukee resident, was the one called upon for some great Milwaukee staples to stop at so when we halted at the corner of No-Clue, I knew I had really messed this one up and it'd surely be held over my head for days ... actually years to come. 

Sticking to my gears (and vague GPS map), I decided going down the questionable driveway/series of parking lots may lead to something more. I slowly pulled the car full of extended family into the random parking lot a la scenes straight out of National Lampoon's Family Vacation. It ended up being an absolute hidden gem located where Neil Young may simply describe as "down by the river." Barnacle Bud's is located past a series of seemingly vacant buildings and old run down parking lots, to my surprise, and ended up being the picture perfect conclusion of the trip.

Just as the articles suggest, it truly is a taste of Key West, so to speak, or as close as Milwaukee offers to that. A money shot view of Milwaukee, the river view, boats floating by, and the sound of classic acoustics set the scene for Bud's. I enjoyed the food and beverage and the entire atmosphere around this little getaway. Ranging from fish to sandwiches, you'll surely find something to hit the spot at Barnacle Bud's. This tenured outdoor patio's focus (or lack thereof) is about the scene and mood more so than anything else, and that can be what makes a restaurant a memorable one. 

Next time the weather is eagerly inviting you outside and it's a day built to simply relax, meander on over to Barnacle Bud's. It'll surely put the Chill in Chillwaukee for you.

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