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A Brady Street Festival Frenzy


I had never been to the Brady Street Fest, but after last Saturday's bash on Brady, I'll never miss another one.

Down the city's most hip and diverse street in all of the land, the scene looked more like a brochure of "Visit New Orleans" than Milwaukee on Saturday. There was a skatepark smack dab in the middle of the street. There was a wrestling ring fit for a battle between the Rock and Hulk Hogan. There were arts and crafts, beer and brats, and every other X & Y you can put together. Every business was open for business. The sun was out, the weather was warm, the food was sizzling, the beer was cold, and Brady Street was showcased for all that it is: everything. From the new "Berry Me" frozen yogurt shop, to the boutique shops, to the pizza bars, to the classic bars and clubs, Brady Street opened its doors to their annual party offering all that and then some. The Brady Street Fest felt unlimited in all the extravaganza it offered.

Brady hosted the Division BMX bike team, soaring, flipping, and dazzling in the air as townies stood in absolute awe. Pro wrestling hit the mat down towards Casablanca and Wisconsin's Cheese Tent had a feast of their own until the dinner hours struck. And of course, the feel of Summerfest returned with a trio of giant music stages scattered down the 9 blocks of bonanza with a variety of local bands.

Brady Street definitely wins the award for the most diverse cast of characters. From artsy locals, to European travelers, to Wisconsin suburbanites, you're bound to meet some of the most interesting people in the world when you hit this East side hot spot. Dos Equis should definitely consider having their next casting call here once their very own interesting man loses his touch. 

If you missed it this year, jot it down on your iPad 2 calendar for 2012 and set several reminders for yourself because you don't want to miss it. Brady Street is one of Milwaukee's coolest avenues and this fest certainly earns a "can't miss" tag as one of the city's best events.

You can relive Brady Street Festival 2011 through fellow Intern Ashley Altadonna's video of the day here.


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