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Halloween Weekend at Club Anything

'Every Day is Halloween' this weekend at Club Anything, 807 S. 5th Street. Kicking off the festivities on Friday the 28th is 'Theatre des Vampires' , a fundraiser and after-party for the Milwaukee Ballet performance of "Dracula", to which the dancers from said performance have been invited. Entertainment for the evening will be provided by the Dead Superheroes Orchestra, a Chicago-based group consisting of a vocalist, an electrified string quartet, and musicians on piano, guitar, harp, drums, and contrabass; the Flame Fatales, a group of female firespinners from Milwaukee; and the locally-based M.U.T.E.S. (Marvelous Unspeaking Troupe of Entertaining Scoundrels), who perform onstage as silent film actors. World-renowned d.j. Scary Lady Sarah and William Faith (of darkwave band Faith and the Muse) are scheduled to provide auditory enhancement for the evening, and raffles for one bottle each rouge and verte Amerique 1912 Absinthe will be held. Cover charge for the night will set you back a mere $13. Saturday the 29th brings the Death Eaters Ball (from the 'Harry Potter' series), the highlight of which is the $1000 cash and other prizes offered for audience-voted best costumes. Attendees are encouraged to dress as their favorite magical or fantasy movie character, although any costume is welcomed. The venue will be transformed into Hogwart's Great Hall and the four School Houses (again, from 'Harry Potter'). Fulfilling guests' every musical desire will be 4 live djs including Burn, Mr. Smith, the NARC, and UV. The evening's beverage menu introduces 'Nick Bott's every-flavor shots'. Cover is $10. All Hallows' Eve (Monday the 31st) plays host to the 'Sanctuary' Halloween party during which Baltimore-based two-member new wave/synth-pop/rock band Red This Ever (a band who has "been described as a cross between Depeche Mode, the Pixies, the Cars, and Joy Division) will take the stage, drink mixologists from when the club was in its first incarnation as 'Sanctuary' will be handling bartending duties, and the evening's djs will be spinning retro goth and new wave tunes. Cover is $5. All events are sponsored by Great Lakes Distillery. 340

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