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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Courses Offer Students Life Changing Opportunity



As combative sports continue to assert themselves as a mainstay in popular culture, more and more disciplines are being taught within America’s educational systems.

Emphasizing self-control, clearer and faster thinking, confidence, determination, and serenity, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has become one of the more intriguing and exciting course offerings at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

Having been taught as a sport and recreation class by black belt Henry Matamoros for nearly 13 years, the instruction was recently taken over by Pura Vida BJJ members Jake Klipp, Rob Couillard, and Zak Ottow after Matamoros left the area.

Offering a beginner, advanced, and MMA conditioning class, the UWM grappling courses provide students the chance to become involved with one of the most respected and trusted self-defense programs available.

“I would say the majority of our students come in with no Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or martial arts experience,” Klipp told US Combat Sports Reporter Paul Fladten. “ At any point in the curriculum a student that joins will be able to fit in. As with any other BJJ dojo, your instructors and partners work with you at the level you are comfortable with.”

As one could expect, Klipp and his fellow instructors have seen a multitude of positive results from individuals who have previously taken the class. Interestingly, the courses have also sparked interest from students who have continued to train well after the class had ended.

“I’ve seen plenty of kids losing weight,” said Kipp. “I’ve seen people who couldn’t make it through two minutes of pass the guard complain that we had to stop rolling after an hour and a half by the end of the semester. I see mental improvement from people every class.

“One perfect example is a student who began this fall. He came in with that wrestler-slash-weightlifter mindset to crush everyone. We got him to harness that a bit and really focus it and his improvement is amazing. This guy won Combat Corner in his beginner division and took second in his Gi bracket. He is working toward joining our MMA team and would like to train towards a fight within a year. A total 180 on the way he came in to the way he operates today.”

For UWM students that may already train at other gyms around the Milwaukee area Klipp wants to make sure that those athletes understand that they are highly encouraged to sign up for the classes.

“It never hurts to learn from someone new. You can always pick something up. This class is wide open to students from other dojos and I would hope they bring back as much to their gyms as they bring into ours. One of our students is event flying to Brazil for Master Pedro Sauer’s ten-day jiu-jitsu camp this spring. We really want our gym to be the kind of place that everyone feels welcome at – no matter their ability or experience level.”

As many can attest, college is a time for busting out of one’s comfort zone and trying new things. The UWM Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes may just be the start of a lifetime obsession with an honorable and gratifying sport.

“This is the kind of class that will change the rest of your college experience,” Klipp said. “This is the class you will look forward to getting away from the stress of other classes, work, or life. We have fun. We work hard. We learn from each other. If you want to get in shape, please check us out. Jiu-Jitsu is chess on the mat. This class is going to be a fit for you, no matter what.”

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