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Wisconsin Fighting Championship Heads to Milwaukee Harley-Davidson Tomorrow


Milwaukee Harley-Davidson is going to be filled with amateur mixed martial artists tomorrow night. The Wisconsin Fighting Championship has unleashed an initial lineup for the night that could feature well over 20 bouts.

Making its return in hopes of giving amateurs around the state a platform to showcase their skills, the Wisconsin Fighting Championship could play a vital role in the progression and development of aspiring fighters from the area.

“We really want this to be a place where fighters can increase their ability at their own speed,” WFC promoter Duke Roufus told US Combat Sports reporter Paul Fladten. “In the recent past, guys have turned pro too quickly and really hurt their careers. That’s where [the Wisconsin Fighting Championship] can be a huge success.”

But in order for the WFC to reach its full potential as an amateur fighting organization, the promotion must be able to weed out pretenders from contenders and identify the top amateurs from around the area. Two title matchups have been pegged to highlight the card on February 11.

One portion of the night’s main event is a lightweight battle between James Barber and Erik Flannigan. Barber (5-3), who trains out of Waukesha MMA, is fresh off of an impressive victory over Billy Paape at Sheboygan Showdown IV earlier this month. Flannigan (4-0) has looked dominant inside of the cage with victories over Jason Jungers, Dustin Llanas, Cameron Biggin, and Randy Lene.

The night’s other main event will be in the heavyweight division as Waukesha MMA’s J.R. Briones (5-2) meets Team Buck’s Jordan Szuefer (3-2). The winner will be awarded the Wisconsin Fighting Championship’s heavyweight title and earn another headlining opportunity later down the road.

Along with the title matchups, the upcoming WFC event will feature a number of intriguing bouts. Roufusport’s Mike “Biggie” Rhodes squares off with undefeated Iowan John Soliz, while Elias Garcia faces Kevin Burke in the flyweight division.

Check out the full lineup that Roufus supplied to USCS:

155 - James Barber 5-3 (Waukesha MMA-WI) vs Erik Flannigan 4-0 (Combat Training Center-WI)
265 - Jordan Seufzer 3-2 (Team Buck-Juneau, WI) vs JR Briones 5-2 (Waukesha MMA-Waukesha, WI)
205 - Sean Wallace 6-1 (Knock Out Gym-Milwaukee, WI) vs TBA 
205 - John Soliz 4-0 (MFS-Bettendorf, IA) vs Mike Rhodes 4-1 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI)
170 - Jose Hernandez 1-0 (Reality MMA-Wautoma, WI) vs Doug Deback 2-1 (Victory Martial Art-WI)
125 - Kevin Burke 2-2 (MMAG-Davenport, IA) vs Elias Garcia 2-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI)
155 - Eddie Black 1-0 (Waukesha MMA-Waukesha, WI) vs Matt Waters 1-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI) 
160 - Dylan Andrew 0-1 (Next Level MMA-WI) vs Ryan Pang 0-0 (Canadian Fighting Centre-Winnipeg)
170 - Emmanuel Scott 0-0 (Ind-Milwaukee, WI) vs Craig Eckelberg 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI)
170 - Cameron Cudnohowski 0-0 (Ind-Friesland, WI) vs Jared McQuiter 0-1 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI)
185 - Alfredo Estrada 0-1 (Reality MMA-Wautoma, WI) vs Tim Hiley 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI)
155 - Jesse Hays 0-0 (Independent-Milwaukee, WI) vs Luis Garcia 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI) 
185 - Dave Hoeppner 0-0 (Neutral Ground-Milwaukee, WI) vs Kevin Morris 0-0 (Roufusport-WI)
125 - Chris Winkler 1-3 (Fujin Martial Arts-Oshkosh, WI) vs Quinton Michalski 0-0 (Roufusport-WI)
170 - Bernando Ortega 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI) vs Jason Carr 2-0 (Independent-Mauston, WI)
215 - Kameron Sykes 0-0 (Ind-Milwaukee, WI) vs Pedro Reis 0-0 (Canadian Fighting Centre-Winnipeg)
185 - Derrick Thiem 1-2 (MFS-Bettendorf, IA) vs Jan Snajdr 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI)
205 - Josh Dayment 0-0 (Independent-Lakemoor, IL) vs Roby Luckett  0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI)
155 - Ray Sanchez 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI) vs Matthew Zoch 0-0 (Ind-Fond Du Lac, WI)
135 - Marciano Reconnu 1-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI) vs TBA
135 - Mike Hoelter 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI) vs TBA
155 - Nate Jennerman 4-2 (Highland Fighting/LCCT-Sheboygan, WI) vs TBA
155 - Omar Romero 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI) vs TBA
145 - Roy Scott 0-0 (Roufusport-Milwaukee, WI.) vs TBA
170 - Kevin Tadder 2-2 (Warzone MMA-Mauston, WI) vs TBA

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