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Define Healthy and Enjoy the Ride

For some it means making the conscious decision to eat well-balanced meals or to fit exercise into their schedule three or four times a week. For others it means the ability to just decrease stress. Personally and professionally, I have been working to help people live a healthy life. And despite major advances in medicine and technology it is as challenging as ever to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyleeven with all those amazing infomercial gadgets. The good news is that it is absolutely doable, but it begins with defining what good health. When I think about being healthy it means being vibrantly alive. Like most people, health starts with the physical. The human body is an intricate and exquisitely made machine designed to carry us through life. Exercise, eating truly healthy food, as well as getting enough rest to restore and recharge, are all core ways to maintain the machine, but for me it is more than just mechanical maintenance I do it out of respect and gratitude. My health starts with being thankful to be alive. I think about my favorite Body Step class. I absolutely love it, not to chalk up minutes, steps or points, or for the challenge to push to go faster, harder, better; but for the cool down (ha!) to lay on the mat and experience the sweet satisfaction of knowing I did the right thing for my body and my health and how wonderful it is that my body held up for at least for another day. While physical health is foundational, I know I thrive when other components of well-being are also aligned. That is a bigger struggle for me to get a good dose of quality time with family and friends, and to nurture my soul through play, music, creative pursuits and prayer. So health is equally about mind and spirit. It is so much harder to keep motivated to exercise and eat healthy when my head and heart are feeling depleted. When I feel more whole, I am empowered to act healthfully and courageously in the face of temptations. Perfection? Nowhere near it. Enjoying the ride toward health and wellbeing in this machine? You bet. So how about your machine? What does good health mean to you?

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