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My Milwaukee Bucket List


As a life long Milwaukee resident, you would think I would know all there is to know about Milwaukee.

But I don't.

There have been so many times when someone that is not a native Milwaukeean will visit and I am put in the position of playing tour guide, to see them wide eyed and amazed at our city is wonderful. The two primary observations made by people that visit and tour Milwaukee for the first time are:

1. It is very clean.

2. It is very segregated.

Both are true. 

This comes to mind because I took a friend that will be relocating to Milwaukee for a job, on a tour of possible places to live (last week) and it dawned on me that there are a list of places I would love to experience before I die.  She was filled with excitement at the thought of visiting this restaurant or that entertainment venue - and it made me see our fair city through fresh eyes.

So my bucket list is this.

#10 - I would love to sit through a few live court hearings at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. As an avid fan of court shows, I have always wondered how much of what I see on TV is part theatrics and part real life.  Goodness knows I have come across some real characters in my life, so I can only imagine what some of the cases must be like, AND how colorful some of our judges are.

#9 -  Visit the Zoo.  I haven't visited the Milwaukee County Zoo since I was 12 years old. Let's just say that was a LONG TIME AGO! :-)  Given that I love animals, I think I would find it enjoyable to see how the zoo has changed over the decades.

#8 - Krispy Kreme.  I have two big vices. 1. is anything Italian and the other is glazed donuts. I LOVE glazed donuts. My diet restricts sugary treats but once in a while I treat myself to a glazed donut. If there is a donut on the planet that is better than a Krispy Kreme donut I have yet to eat it. I would love to visit a Krispy Kreme donut shop and watch them being made live and taste one right off the glazing rack. Still soft, warm and gooey.....ummmmm just the thought of it.......I think I need a cigarette. :-)

#7 -  Harley Museum.   There are women that swoon at the mere thought of a man on a motorcycle. There are men that think they are impressing a woman by speaking in detail of their hog. Let's just say I'm not one of those women. I don't like body piercings, tattoos or motorcycles. However, irony of all irony, I like the look of Harley motorcycles. I find them impressive to look at. Much like children, they should be seen but not heard.

Oops, did I just say that? :-) I would enjoy touring the Harley Davidson museum one day and hope to do so soon.

#6 -  Walking Tour. I have lived and worked downtown a majority of my adult life. I have walked past almost every building in downtown Milwaukee and never once really looked at them. One of my friends shared with me the history of the gargoyles that hang over many of the buildings. Gargoyles? It is definitely on my bucket list to attend a walking tour of downtown Milwaukee. What is the history behind the buildings, street names and cream city brick?

#5 - Men & Sex.  (Shallow Alert) I'm single, straight and not blind. That means I look at men, find them attractive and yes....occasionally lust after them.  Men turn to the malls to look and lust after women. Women...we don't really have a place where a ton of attractive men congregate. Well, that was what I use to believe until a couple of years ago. Long story short but I had a situation where I had to drop off some paperwork at the Safety building/Police station. I was nervous, disoriented and kept getting lost.

I realized as I wandered from floor to floor that the downtown police station is filled to the brim with really handsome good looking men!  Ladies, I'm talking hot men of every height, weight, age and color. AND they are all super nice! Maybe it's because most were detectives and not officers, but they were all friendly, professional and incredibly sexy. I was tempted to run off and rob a bank just to see them again! :-) Before I die, I want to go on a tour of the safety building. Wow! I will never again say Milwaukee has a shortage of hot men, we have them....they're all detectives with the Police Department.

#4 - Milwaukee Brewers Tailgate. I am slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I have NEVER attended a tailgate. I have seen the Brewers play live before, but never did so in the way a real Milwaukee fan should. So this takes spot number 4 on my list of things to do before I die. And if I can some how scratch this off my list, let's hope it is during a game where the Brewer's win big!

#3 -  Sushi Anyone?  Never tried it, but I see restaurants are popping up all over the place that offer up hand rolled, made to order Sushi. It looks beautiful, but the thought of eating raw fish does make me gag a bit. When it comes to food I am not one for experimenting. However, I really want to try it.

#2 - Be part of a parade. Parades in downtown Milwaukee are as part of the fabric of our city as Friday Fish Fry's.  I have stood on Wisconsin Avenue and watched many many parades filled with bands, cheerleaders and local celebrities in convertibles pass me by. Each time wishing I was the one in a car waving to the masses. I don't know what I could or would do that would result in me being a part of a parade, but my wish is it will happen one day.

And the number 1 for my Milwaukee Bucket List is.....(Drum Roll Please)

Be on the radio. Years ago when WKTI had the Reitman and Mueller morning show, I was on twice and did the celebrity news report. I had so much fun! I still look back at that as the most memorable moments of my life. I remember how incredibly nice Gene Mueller and Gino Salomone were to me (Reitman not so much, he didn't hide his hatred of me). To this day I still listen to the recording of the show and smile. There is an expression  about having a "face for radio" and I think it applies to me. I'm not by any stretch ugly, but I am also not television beautiful.

One day..... fingers crossed!


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