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Discovery World Summer Camps and Teen Workshops Smashing Expectations


The talent and potential of students within the Greater Milwaukee Area is undeniable. Much like the long line of past innovators that includes visionaries such as John Cudahay, Les Paul, and Samuel Curtis Johnson, today's youth has a host of available resources capable of offering opportunities unique to those located on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Perhaps no organization looks to connect opportunity and location better than that of Discovery World. Known as the Center for Public Innovation, Discovery World is dedicated to helping people positively impact their communities by developing a better understanding of technology and the environment while fostering both innovation and creativity.

Many around the area may recognize Discovery World as the beautiful building between Lakeshore State Park and the Summerfest Grounds. For others, it is the "museum" that serves as launching pad for the S/V Denis Sullivan. But for a number of parents and educators throughout the Midwest, Discovery World serves as home to the some of the most ground-breaking Summer Camps and Teen Workshops ever developed.

Set to return on June 17th and run until August 23rd, Discovery World's Summer Camps and Teen Workshops have evolved into one of the organization's crowning achievements. Transforming into a metaphorical beehive of educational creativity for a ten-week period in the summer, the magnificent structure located at 500 North Harbor Drive offers students from third to twelfth grade the chance to explore new ideas and possibilities while amplifying strengths and abilities.

Week-Long Teen Workshops (Grades 9-12)

There is no question that Discovery World has made a major shift towards captivating and serving the high school demographic. Emphasizing the education of teenagers in hopes that those students will share their knowledge with younger generations, a full curriculum of Teen Workshops has been developed for the summer of 2013.

Whether it's the Master Architecture program in which students explore the city through the eyes of an architect and visit a local design firm, the Underwater Robotics workshop that lets teens build a remotely operated vehicle and pilot it over a Lake Michigan shipwreck, or the Advanced Custom Electric Guitar Designer course that teaches students how to create, modify, and personalize an electric guitar, the Teen Workshops have received praise across the board and helped students identify possible career paths.

Other avenues available throughout summer include the digital media-based programs Milwaukee Movie Maker, Rockstar Recording, Master Poster Designer, and Songwriter Studio. These Teen Workshops are specifically designed to provide an in-depth week-long experience that includes interaction with industry professionals, real-world techniques, and preparation for college and future careers.

Week-Long Summer Camps (Grades 3-8)

The ability to raise intrigue and curiosity within a specific topic during the elementary and middle school years is a chance to shape the foreseeable future for an individual. Appealing to builders, creators, explorers, and more, Discovery World's Summer Camps are designed to promote one-on-one interactions, hands-on activities, and optimal engagement.

Split up into two categories: grades three through five and grades six through eight, campers will be learn from guest experts, field professionals, and the exceptional Discovery World staff during each week-long camp. And the variation of Summer Camps feels virtually endless.

Students entering sixth, seventh, and eighth grade are offered a plethora of Summer Camp choices that range from Fish Biologist to Video Game Designer. Offering the age group nearly 40 different camps, the recipe for an unforgettable summer is literally a phone call away. Milwaukee CSI, Handbag Designer, Skateboard Designer, Future Veterinarian, and The Underwater Lab are just a handful of the courses available to middle school students.

Similarly, Discovery World places a huge emphasis on students entering third, fourth, and fifth grade. Nearly 30 different Summer Camps have been crafted to introduce campers into avenues such as architecture, marine biology, fashion design, electronics, and more.

Combining creativity with education, programs such as Ocean Explorers, Super Powers and Secret Agents, Carbonation Chemist, and Survival Challenge have been designed to introduce students to the world around them as well as explore the technology needed to thrive in each environment. The Summer Camps intertwine fun and learning while ultimately immersing students into possible hobbies and interests that could someday lead to potential careers.

Boy Scout Merit Badge Workshops (Grades 6-12)

Another aspect incorporated into Discovery World's ten-week summer schedule is Scouts. Middle and high school students will work together to earn badges ranging from Oceanography and Architecture to Radio and Electronics. The Merit Badge Workshops will follow the same schedule as the Summer Camps and Workshops and will be offered as one or two day experiences.

The Merit Badge Workshops will take place during the week of July 8th and will encompass both high school and middle school students. Non-scouts are welcome to attend any of the workshops, but are expected to perform the same tasks and assignments required to earn a Merit Badge.

With its recent explosion in popularity, Discovery World's Summer Camps and Teen Workshops have quickly asserted themselves as Milwaukee's top choice for parents looking to provide students with a creative and educational outlet during the summer months.

Make sure to stay tuned for more content related to these programs including individual breakdowns, interviews with Summer Camps and Teen Workshops professionals, and much more.

If you are interested in learning more about Summer Camps, please visit, send an email to, or call (414) 765-8625. Spots are limited for each camp, so make sure to register today and ensure your spot within Milwaukee's hottest educational program.

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