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is milwaukee a great city?

People have been fighting over whether or not, Milwaukee is a great city, but I think that there a bigger and better things to fight over, like what would make Milwaukee not be a great city. Its real easy to dismiss Milwaukee as not being hip or not being like other cities, without looking at what might be the cause or causes behind us falling behind.


Is Milwaukee great? I guess that depends on what you consider signs of greatness. Does a great city have a high rate of co-sleeping deaths which we pass off as a cultural trait and not as a crime? Does a great city have-an over-abundance of daycare abuse fraud at taxpayer expense? Does a great city have a school system in which teachers decide its more important to protest than to do the job that they are paid for and then complain about the belt tightening that the rest of us have had to do for years now? Does a great city have a school system where students come away thinking that milk chocolate is hot (as in spicy) and that .79 +.79 is 11? (sounds funny but i witnessed these conversations at work). Does a great city believe that criminals are victims and those who are law-abiding are the real problems?  Does a great city need to have its sheriff tell its citizens to arm themselves because crime and criminals are abundant?


If so, I guess Milwaukee really is a grat city.


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