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Readers Blog: Day in the life of a pub owner...

Day off...Who me?! Part 2

<font>Monday, Oct 13 (9:01am) Wake up and do a few chores around the condo. Think about starting my blog, but put it off another day. I had a rough draft done for this weeks blog a weeks ago; however after review it, I decided to scrap it since it included the election that took place last Tuesday with my views on the results, and I felt I didnt want to include those views in my blog.

11:04 Just found out from my day bartender and manager that I am mathematically eliminated from our football pool this weekend even if my team wins on Monday night football. Now this usually doesnt bother me if it was just the money I lost, however we have been doing side bets between the both of us the last few weeks, and the wagers have been getting a bit out of control. Lets just say that the last three wagers have been: 1. One of us has to ware a dress to our normal weekly poker night. 2. Loser of last week had to shave their legs from the knee down. 3. Must dye any chest hair we have to blonde. Also for the record my day manager is a bloke that is 6'3" and 220 pounds!

1:03pm Finalize the weekly schedule for all our employees for the pub.

2:15 Take down a few notes for my blog and review a chapter in my flight instruction manual for my flight lesson tomorrow.

3:05 Running personal errands which are the norm. Going to the bank, going through my personal mail, running to Target for a few items.

4:12 Arrive back from errands to tinker with my winter project a bit. I have just bought a few months ago a 1975 Midget MG, which runs great, but needs some TLC.

6:30 Arrive at my pub to meet up with a few co-workers for a flag football game. Usually we have Monday night poker nights, but this week we decided to do a flag football game this evening.

7:45 After driving around St Francis and Bayview for 20 minutes, we finally found a place with enough light to play. We have a good turn out tonight with 12 co-workers coming out to play.

9:25 Out for a few drinks, and everyone is covered in mud, and we decided to stop out at Club Garibaldi, and had a few pitchers, and played Silver Strike Bowling for around of shots, which I lost!</font>

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