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Lumberjacks in Love

Feb. 6, 2013 7:30 p.m.

From the creators of "Guys on Ice," comes a fresh and frisky musical with loads of heart and good clean fun. There’s a “no woman” policy at the Haywire Lumber Camp in Northern Wisconsin. What do you do with a rule like that when a mail order bride is on her way to camp? Sing, dance and think about taking a bath, of course! Tickets are $25 for adults, $23 for seniors, $23 for students and $17 for members. On value nights admission is $12.50.

Sunset Playhouse
800 Elm Grove Road
Elm Grove, WI 53122
Venue Description:
Sunset Playhouse, established in 1960, owns and operates a 297-seat theater in the Village of Elm Grove. Open year-'round, the Playhouse presents a diverse selection of comedies, musicals, dramas and theater for young audiences.

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"Lumberjacks in Love" falls flat

Published Jan. 26, 2013

"Lumberjacks in Love" gives us stereotypes of the men who cut the trees. They drink. They sleep. Occasionally they take a little bit of a bath. Some dream of women. Some dream of blue soap, some dream of spitting tobacco. There is almost nothing unique about these characters. Although there are a few laughs, jokes about body parts and gender bending and semi-risque positions between two men, they grow tiresome after awhile.

Sunset Playhouse