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Dunzo! JonĀ & Kate Plus 8

Why We Loved It So Much: Watching the daily adventures of the hugely populated Gosselin family on Jon & Kate Plus 8 is so endearing. The kids are darling, even if we can't keep them all straight. Yeah, Jon and Kate bicker incessantly, but the strain of corralling five-year-old sextuplets and a set of twins would make even the tightest of couples freak once in awhile. Jon and Kate even addressed their fighting on a recent episode, assuring viewers their relationship is solid. Interesting ...

Now, Not So Much: The Gosselin's show is on TLC, but all we're ""learning"" now is that alleged adulterer Jon must be more than a touch sleazy (he was spotted playing beer pong, really?) to put his massive brood in what has swiftly devolved into a seedy public forum. Yeah, we get that you're stressed, Jon, but the cover of US Weekly is no place for a family. The Gosselin's show already seemed a touch exploitative, and seeing grainy photos of the father of eight rolling out of a bar at 2AM is just uncomfortable. Worse were Kate's terse denials of the affair on Larry King Live and the Today show. Of course, raising eight kids is expensive, and reality TV pays. Sadly, TLC might soon be debuting Just Jon followed in prime time by Kate Plus 8.

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