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 Arts & Entertainment - May 5, 2008
 Netflix, We Are So Over!
 I have been a Netflix user for about a year and a half and never had any problems until recently. It started a few months ago with a rented movie that skipped in the middle. Fortunately we were able to skip over the ruined part and still watch the ending. Two movies later we weren't so lucky. Abo...
 Marketplace - Sept. 4, 2007
 The Home Depot - You can do it, We Won't Help!
 Being a homeowner I have been to the Home Depot, Lowe's, Menard's, etc numorous times and more often then not the experience is pleasant. However this past weekend I was outraged by the lack of help from a couple of Home Depot Associates.My sister moved into her new house last week and order...
 Buzz - March 14, 2007
 It's a Small World
 Funny experience - I was driving into work this morning and a car to my left caught my eye. Someone had written with their finger on the dirty car something about parking. I was thinking to myself, this should be funny. I mean how often do you see a terrible parking job and just want to writ...
 Buzz - Feb. 7, 2007
 Actually there are two lanes on Prospect Ave!
 Let me begin by saying I am not the world's best driver nor do I know everything about the road...but I do know this - you should not make a left-hand turn from the right lane.In the past month I have witnessed three instances of people driving down Prospect Ave and making a left hand tu...

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 10 kids' TV shows that don't suck
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 New Colectivo embraces the street
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 Article - Aug. 5, 2013
 Social Circle: Your thoughts on Alterra's name change to Colectivo?
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 Article - May 16, 2013
 PETA's "Got zits?" billboard breaks out in Milwaukee
 Why would you try to convin...
 Article - April 30, 2013
 Rollercoaster ride of assessments upsets my stomach
 Yep - just lost $9000.00, w...
 Article - Sept. 25, 2012
 Goodbye, Alterra Mayfair
 If a past employee said it,...
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