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 Buzz - Dec. 5, 2006
 I actually MISS Milwaukee...
 ...Go figure! I swore that I would never miss my old life in "The Bay!" Yet, here I am---nearly 14 years later---actually missing what I'd so-gladly left behind! I grew up in Whitefish Bay. I know, I know. I've heard all the jokes about "Whitefolks' Bay!" Heck, I made up more ...

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 Milwaukee Film Festival: "Who is Harry Nilsson?"
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 Article - Oct. 25, 2009
 Winkie's finds long-term success in upscale variety
 Wow! I kinda miss Winkie's!...
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 What's your favorite movie theater in Milwaukee?
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 Article - March 25, 2009
 Spending "Sex Week" in the throes...
 A few years ago, I visited ...
 Article - June 9, 2008
 Should "Sex and the City" cost me my "man card?"
 I saw SATC and I am a strai...
 Blog - Sept. 24, 2007
 I actually MISS Milwaukee...
 See? Ya never shoulda left ...