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Blog name: BeautyBee
Location: Downtown Milwaukee
About me: By day I work as the Director of Human Resources and Office Manager of a small law office in downtown Milwaukee. On the side I hold down a plethora of positions, primarily graphic arts and IT work. I live in the Grand Avenue Mall apartments which is perfect for me given I work in the Chase Tower. No going outside on cold snowy days. I need only exit on the 2nd floor of the mall, walk across the enclosed skywalk and I'm at work. It's great!

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 Buzz - June 20, 2013
 Breast Feeding In Public. It may be legal but is it right?
  You and your loved ones are excited and thrilled to take the man of your, out for a meal on his special day. Father's Day. As you arrive at the popular Milwaukee restaurant, you see that other families have had the same idea. The restaurant is swamped. Waitresses scurrying from ...
 Buzz - Dec. 9, 2012
 When it comes to online don't know them until you KNOW them.
 I blog on several websites.Each with its own feel and reason forbeing in place. Some are more politically driven, some geared more toward women's issues and still others of a more generic social venue. Nothing more than a place for men and women to gather and discuss life.On one particular site w...
 Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 2, 2012
 Gambling on our futures. The rise of the Lottery in the U.S.
 I like gambling.I wouldn't go so far as to say I do it a lot, but when I do gamble I enjoy myself. It's one of the reasons I try to vacation in Las Vegas at least once a year. The Belinda Joy that steps on a plane at Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, is a far cry from the Belinda Joy that steps off ...
 Buzz - Dec. 2, 2012
 My Milwaukee Bucket List
 As a life long Milwaukee resident, you would think I would know all there is to know about Milwaukee.But I don't.There have been so many times when someone that is not a native Milwaukeean will visit and I am put in the position of playing tour guide, to see them wide eyed and amazed at our city ...
 Buzz - Nov. 28, 2012
 Love & Politics. It use to be race and religion were the deal breakers. But now it's politics.
 I am a woman that has always dated who I wanted to date.It matters not to me if family and friends approve of a man I dated, I always had the belief that too many people are quick to tell others not to be with this person or that person, leaving them alone. All the while they are going home to a ...

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 September 11th
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