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Blog name: The Way I See It...
Location: Milwaukee
About me: I was born and raised in Milwaukee. I love the city but I don't always enjoy how long it takes to get things done around here... although I must admit things have gotten better. I enjoy reading, writing, meeting new people, cooking and quite times. I believe in hard work, honesty and straight forward communication. This blog is about my personal observations about life in Milwaukee, the Midwest and the world! Enjoy.

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Recent blog entries
 Buzz - Feb. 21, 2008
 Oops, He Does it Again!
 Remember the game show $25000 Pyramid? I do. What if they brought it back today and the topic was “Things that just won’t go away” Ready.... GO!My coldThe snowMIKE MCGEEE!!!! The fact that Michael McGee easily won the 6th District election, from jail, shouldn't surpris...
 Buzz - Jan. 7, 2008
 79 Percent of Americans Missing the Point Entirely
 I’m usually an optimistic guy. I try to look on the bright side of life and have faith in people. But the more I read and watch the news, or simply watch people, the more I’m starting to believe a headline I once read in The Onion: 79 Percent of Americans Missing the Point Entire...
 Buzz - Jan. 7, 2008
 Stupid Human Tricks II: The Dumbness Continues
 “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”Yesterday afternoon, I was getting on the freeway, headed west on the Madison on-ramp downtown in the M-change. Too my surprise, as I glanced on the wall, on the freeway, I was greeted with a huge, unwelcome d...
 Buzz - Jan. 7, 2008
 Hey, Edward Flynn: Welcome to Milwaukee!
 Milwaukee officially has a new Police Chief! Our prayers have been answered! Violent crime in Milwaukee will drop! Criminals, in record numbers, will suddenly cooperate with police officers! Burglaries, petty theft and homicides will become a thing of the past as the new chief waves his new magic...
 Dining - Dec. 13, 2007
 Bring a Flat Top Grill to Milwaukee!!!
 I just read that a Stir Crazy Asian Restaurant is opening up near Brookfield Square. According to JSOnline: Stir Crazy, a Chicago-based Asian restaurant chain, plans to open in an 8,300-square-foot building that will be built between Fleming's and Fresh Market.This is not good news. Why? Bec...

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 Wicked Hop shows some inconsistency at the plate
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 Milwaukee's best Mexican, 2009: Botanas
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 Milwaukee's best fries, 2009: Cafe Hollander
 Cafe Hollander, in general,...
 Article - Aug. 5, 2009
 Milwaukee Top Model finalists: Mitchell Olszewski and Danielle Jones
 Congratulations Mitchell fr...
 Article - July 2, 2009
 Got a retail idea? Grand Avenue has free rent & more
 This is a GREAT idea! Once ...
 Article - June 23, 2009
 Food and service fall a bit flat at St. Francis Brewery
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 Article - June 16, 2009
 Will Favre be a Viking? "Maybe. I am considering it."
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 Article - May 22, 2009
 Uncorked: A great Rosé can leave you tickled pink
 EXCELLENT article... my fri...
 Article - May 21, 2009
 Burger bulletin: New Sobelman's will be different
 As long as they don't chang...
 Article - May 19, 2009
 Sobelman's to open location in Patty Burger space
 I think it's an excellent i...
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