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 Where's your favorite underrated burger?
 B-1 Burger in Thiensville, ...
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 Sunday Scorecard: Melvin keeps dealing
 Aaron Rodgers or his agent,...
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 Despite my indie roots, Borders loss concerns me
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 100 things that suck about Milwaukee
 The city is the people. An...
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 Are the Brewers shopping Braun?
 Sure, the notion is fire-st...
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 Investigation of Sainz incident blurs line on harassment
 Dare I say that D. Begal br...
 Article - Sept. 12, 2010
 Brewers' Hoffman is a true class act
 Indeed he is, though "true"...
 Article - Sept. 12, 2010
 So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu
 I've enjoyed your work at O...
 Article - Aug. 8, 2010
 Dear Packers: Shut up about the Super Bowl
 Could not agree more. Ther...
 Article - Aug. 4, 2010
 Favre saga takes a bizarre sexual twist
 "...she looked up at me and...
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