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 Buzz - Nov. 28, 2006
 Back Door Shenannigans
 So I see a post from one of the OMC honchos that some griffiti artist tagged their back door. First of all, I'd like to say that it's hilarious terminology. I may have a new phrase to replace "playing the back nine" and "getting to fifth base." I'd like to take a stab at deci...
 Buzz - Nov. 21, 2006
 Miller, Miller Everywhere
 I don't live in Milwaukee. But I love it. I love Miller. I love it so much, I married a woman by that name. Unfortunately, she was no heir to the family fortune. Not even a distant cousin of the girl in the moon, no return address on Plank Road, not owned by a faceless international conglomerat...

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 The angriest e-mail I've ever received
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