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 Article - Feb. 14, 2012
 Milwaukee's best margarita, 2012: La Fuente
 This is like voting Red Lob...
 Article - Jan. 20, 2011
 Gov. Walker: Why protect the worst of the worst?
 Nice to see the extreme lef...
 Article - Sept. 4, 2010
 A vibrant new look for La Merenda
 I love La Merenda, but, if...
 Article - May 29, 2010
 The Brew bites the dust
 Fantastic! More talent like...
 Article - April 29, 2010
 Dylan makes a strong case for "Women and Country"
 I completely agree with you...
 Article - Jan. 25, 2010
 4-closure: Favre, Vikings fall short in Superdome
 Finally, sweet justice! Now...
 Article - Jan. 22, 2010
 AgavĂ© Southwestern Grille in Brookfield says 'adios'
 Too bad, they had excellent...
 Article - Nov. 24, 2009
 OnMedia: Larry David completes the "Seinfeld" reunion
 "Curb" is brilliant. Now th...
 Article - Nov. 5, 2009
 Centanni changes ownership, adds Nuovo to its name
 Please keep the lovely wait...
 Article - Sept. 3, 2009
 First and last time for this season
 Too much chill for me. Mayb...
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