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Blog name: For your consideration
Location: Eastside
About me: Well, what can I say.......?

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 Buzz - Dec. 20, 2010
 Online dating
 So I'll admit that my opinion of online dating was never a good one. I guess I felt there was a sense of desperation attached to it. Something about advertising yourself in the hopes of landing a date just seemed odd to me. Two friends of mine have done it, and swear by it. They are now in v...
 Buzz - Sept. 1, 2009
 The new date
 Whatever happened to a man picking a woman up, taking her out for a nice meal and respectfully ending the night with a goodnight kiss? Do men no longer feel the need to court a woman? I ask these questions, because the men in this city seem to think that the ideal date is plowing a woma...
 Buzz - July 9, 2009
 The dating game
 So I was out having a drink with a friend, who's dating life can be described as "painfully embarassing", when she casually blurted out that she posted a personal ad on Craigslist. Feeling that it was her last resort, as the bar scene was getting old, and the idea of bumping into Mr. Ri...
 Buzz - Dec. 29, 2008
 Breaking up with an ex is never easy. Picking yourself up and moving on with your dating life can be tough. You're convinced that you will never find anyone who made your heart skip a beat like he did (trust me you will). So after many weeks or in most cases months of crying your eyes out over th...
 Buzz - Nov. 10, 2008
 The one
 Dating is harder than I expected. Trying to find that "perfect match" seems somewhat unattainable. My friends have started to settle for less, because they feel the best no longer exists. Perhaps they're right. Part of me hates to admit that, but I've seen what there is to choose from a...

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 Downtown's homey Soup House
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 Article - Nov. 5, 2009
 Packers point: In victory, Favre proves he's the one
 The only "word vomit" comes...
 Article - Nov. 4, 2009
 Packers point: In victory, Favre proves he's the one
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 The 40 Days and 40 Nights of 40. sandstorm, tells ...
 Blog - Aug. 31, 2009
 Bachelorette Parties: Stay Away, Boys
 A true player never reveals...
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