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 Dining - March 25, 2009
 When Good Meals Go Bad: What do you do?
 There is a restaurant downtown that we go to regularly. Each time we go, the meal starts off with a bang with great drinks, awesome appetizers and great service. But a recurring problem has occured several times at this otherwise great restaurant, and it happened last weekend.I order an...
 Dining - March 13, 2009
 Shamrock Shakes: Heaven in a Paper Cup
  One of my favorite things about March (besides the sign that spring is on its way) is Shamrock Shakes. Once a year that frosty, thick, pale-green libation returns to McDonald's like a leprechaun to his pot of gold. I love Shamrock shakes so much that the first one I get each year is gone i...
 Dining - Jan. 20, 2009
 6 for Valentine's Dinner?! You broke my heart, Cafe Hollander
 We dined at one of our Milwaukee faves, Cafe Hollander the other night and received an advertisement with our check. It said "go Dutch at Cafe Hollander for Valentines ... romantic dinner menu, beer flights, etc." At the bottom it said, "reservations recommended." We deci...
 Buzz - Jan. 16, 2009
 "Morning Blend" is Morning Bland
 OK, what is going on with that Morning Blend show? I am really not sure exactly what the point of this hour-long coffee klatch is. It really reminds me of Bronx Beat on Saturday Night Live. It upsets me that TMJ4 thinks that this is the kind of show Milwaukeeans want or need. If we...
 Dining - Nov. 8, 2008
 Cafe La Scala Fish Fry: Nice Price, Food just OK
 We went to the fish fry at Cafe La Scala in the Italian Conference Center (ICC) last week because we live within walking distance and it is a $9.50, All-You-Care-to-Eat. Here is the report card for my Cafe La Scala experience:The staff is very courteous, friendly and attentive. (A)The atmosphere ...

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 Jersey Shore's JWoww coming to Milwaukee
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 Ian's slices its way into the East Side pizza scene
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 "Beer water" is not beer and that's OK
 Brewater is a perfect descr...
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 Wicked Hop shows some inconsistency at the plate
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 M'waukee's most mispronounced, misused words
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 On the town in Milwaukee: Diving into your local tap
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 Article - June 23, 2009
 Is it still taboo if everyone keeps talking about it?
 This column is definitely w...
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 My new BFF, Paris Hilton
 Absolutely the funniest thi...
 Article - May 26, 2009
 Sunday Sound-off: Should patios go non-smoking, too?
 I for one especially can't ...
 Blog - April 5, 2009
 When Good Meals Go Bad: What do you do?
 Good advice everyone, you a...
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