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Blog name: Riding for a Reason
Location: Oak Creek, WI
About me: I originally started this blog as a personal diary to keep track of my cycling adventures. While that will always remain a part of it, Ive decided to add another layer to it. I thought, if Im going to keep logging these miles, why dont I start to do it for a reason other than myself. Starting January 1st, 2010 every mile that I ride is going to be for a charitable cause.

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 Sports - Feb. 4, 2010
 Kickin' it with NEWaukee
 2010 is off to a quick start and so is the MUSA (Midwestern Unconventional Sports Association) spring kickball season.  Your local NEWaukee team is represented quite well in league play, boasting a roster of 20+ talented and inexperienced NEWaukeans.  Games are every Tuesday night at th...
 Sports - Aug. 26, 2009
 Cycling Group Rides around Milwaukee
 Great Site for Group Rides in Milwaukee I just stumbled across a great site for finding group rides in the Milwaukee area.  The site is called Wisconsin Bike Law.  It has a lot of other general cycling laws, tips, and information for Wisconsin, but the Group Ride (http://wibikel...
 Living - Aug. 24, 2009
 Training Rides and Cancer Campaign
 Last week was a pretty normal training week for me.  Monday night I met up with Kris for the Beans and Barley team ride.  Same ride as the week before about 26.5 miles in around an hours and a half.  It was only the two of us though, so the pace was a little slower and we didn...

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 Article - March 19, 2010
 Newaukee's "Shamrock Stumble" photo winners
 Awesome time last weekend! ...