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Blog name: Burp!
Location: Milwaukee, WI
About me: Lori Fredrich (Lo) is an eater, writer, wonderer, bon vivante, traveler, cook, gardener and girlwonder. Born and raised in the Milwaukee area, she has tried to leave many times, but seems to be drawn to this quirky city that smells of beer and alewives. Some might say that she is a little obsessed with food. Lo would say she is A LOT obsessed with food. After all, she has been cooking, eating and enjoying food for decades and has no plans to retire anytime soon.

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Recent blog entries
 Dining - Aug. 16, 2010
 Wisconsin Cheese Goes Upscale: Our Cheese Dinner at Bacchus Milwaukee
 Did you know that Wisconsin produces more cheese than all of Italy?And that it takes nearly 10 pounds of milk (just over a gallon) to make 1 pound of cheese?It's true. Wisconsin dairy farms produce more than 23 billion pounds of milk every year. That's about 14% of the country's total milk supply...
 Living - June 22, 2010
 Make Ahead Meal: King Ranch Chicken Kickasserole
 This is not the blog post where I tell you all the secrets to successful meal planning. I won't tout the benefits of "once a month" cooking or give you a slew of time-saving tips to use on your everyday weeknight meals. Because, generally, that's not the way I operate.I am NOT a domes...
 Living - June 17, 2010
 Never the Same Dish Twice: Caramelized Onion and Poblano Enchiladas
 There's just something about a cheese enchilada. It's not complicated. Or fancy. If you're honest, you'll probably even admit that it's really not even all that interesting. But, there's something about a deliciously soft tortilla that's filled with cheese and covered in sauce that seems to c...
 Living - June 9, 2010
 Coriander Lime Ice Cream & A New T-Shirt: Celebrating our Third Burp-day
 Blogging is a little bit like being in a long-term relationship. For the most part, I can't remember what life was like BEFORE the Burp! blog came into our our lives. It has become a fixture, a way of life, a part of how we live and cook. On the other hand, as I look back over all the posts ...
 Living - June 3, 2010
 Even in Wisconsin: Chile Roasted Salmon
 I'll admit it, I've become a spoiled brat when it comes to salmon. And it's all Peef's fault.For years, he made regular trips out to Seattle in the late spring to meet with one of his major sales accounts. And every time he visited, he'd bring me something delicious from the market. Sometimes h...

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 Updated: Wingstop lands in Milwaukee
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