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 Article - Oct. 29, 2011
 Best wings, 2011: Buffalo Wild Wings
 Horribly wrong readers voti...
 Article - Oct. 18, 2011
 OnMedia: How much is too much Wheldon crash video?
 How mush is too much? then ...
 Article - Oct. 4, 2011
 Milwaukee's best new restaurant, 2011: Cafe Benelux
 How is Benelux different fr...
 Article - Aug. 21, 2011
 Some of Milwaukee's most diverse bars and restaurants
 This might be one of the fl...
 Article - June 24, 2011
 Cafe Benelux takes off
 *yawn. McSameness
 Article - May 27, 2011
 Vitucci's Belmont Tavern opens for Jazz on June 2
 Hotel Foster, The Hamilton,...
 Article - April 8, 2011
 Too Much Metal Showroom opens April 15
 He's still milking this cow...
 Article - April 1, 2011
 Radio shows merge, introduce Dave and Brian, Kidd and Adler, more
 They all still bore me to d...
 Article - March 19, 2011
 Local artists weigh in on "The Calling"
 It's Milwaukee. We have idi...
 Article - March 9, 2011
 Do you like your bartenders in uniform?
 If it's a sports bar, sure....
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