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 Buzz - Dec. 15, 2010
  Man-i-cures Cut vs. Push
 Dear experts/barbettesToo start off I'm a mans man, I had to throw that in there!! Moving on, this is my delima is winter I'm making fires for the family, snowball fights, sleding the list goes on and it's cold outside. My problem is this; my cuticles they are sooo dry.  Since the cold weath...
 Buzz - Nov. 30, 2010
   Dear Groom experts, I'm going to get right to the point. I'm experiencing hair loss and I love wearing hats in my leasure time. I also however wear hats because I am a professional sport figure. So, basically I'm always wearing a hat. I have been talking to some of the guys on my tea...
 Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 11, 2010
 Visiting Milwaukee
 So, I am visiting Milwaukee for the Thanksgiving holiday and i have not been back in three years. Wow!!! I came from California for a couple weeks to be with family & friends. My dad is a client of Groom For Men, he is very particular so i know I will be in good hands. I plan on coming i...
 Living - Oct. 28, 2010
 What is diffrence between body wash vs. body bar? Is one better for men than the others?
 This actually is one of our favorite topics too discuss!!!! So, not only are we going to give you some tips on products lines we are also going to give you some pointers on where to use them. Most importantly face soap and body soaps are two diffrent things, lets keep that in mind for our suggest...
 Living - Oct. 2, 2010
 Active Gentlemen
 Dear Groom,Two questions today for you experts on gentlemen. I am an active male and was hoping to get some advise on keeping the skin on my body feeling soft for the ladies. I know it sounds silly but I like I said I exercise a lot, love to be outside and need to keep it looking healthy. Plus I ...

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