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Location: Milwaukee
About me: In 1984 I became the first player to sign a contract with the Milwaukee Wave and also played pro in Chicago and Buffalo. In 2001 I moved to Key West, Florida and worked various odd jobs including writing sports and music for two newspapers. In 2006 I published SOCCERROCK, which combines my two passions, rock music and the world's most popular sport. The script is done and am currently attempting to find an agent to bring my explosive tale to Hollywood.

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 Arts & Entertainment - March 31, 2011
 Cock is Not a Bad Word
 A state senator has a plan for saving Oklahoma's gamefowl industry now that cock - fighters are legally prohibited from pitting birds fitted with razor - like spurs. State Sen. Frank Shurden, a longtime defender of cock - fighting, is suggesting that roosters be given little boxing gloves so they...
 Sports - March 30, 2011
 The World's Greatest
 The year was 1994. I was 34 years old and my career as a professional soccer player was winding down. The front office of the Milwaukee Rampage had received a call specifically asking for me and if I would do some volunteer work for the Special Olympics high school track meet. I was more than hap...

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 Article - April 5, 2011
 Support America SCORES
 Hey Molly...... Glad to see...