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 Sports - April 15, 2011
 Where Will Amazing Happen Next?
 The Bucks may not have done very well this year, but there’s no doubt that the regular season in the NBA this year has been one for the ages.  In fact, I believe that the Bucks didn’t get any worse, the rest of the East just passed them up.  In addition to the increase in th...
 Sports - April 13, 2011
 Is Baseball Out of Touch?
 I admit it, I don’t watch much baseball this time of year.  Sure, I enjoy going to a game in June or July, hanging out with friends, enjoying a brew or two, and sitting in the sun for a few hours.  I’ve got the team I root for, but I can’t stay into the games, especial...
 Sports - April 11, 2011
 Come Tournament Time, Its a Conference Game
 Last week I wrote an article for the UWM Post, which was published in this week's issue and was released today(I'll leave a link at the bottom of this post.)In it, I looked at the money that conferences recieve as a result of their tournament success and it gave me a new spin on both the college ...
 Sports - April 7, 2011
 The Masters Just Doesn't Feel the Same
 I'm generally not a huge follower of golf, but there are two weeks every year in which I get sucked into the game.  The first, the US Open.  The Open makes the summer feel like its in full swing and is definitely the one major that goes against golf's stuffy reputation the most.  T...
 Sports - April 5, 2011
 NCAA Title Game Disappoints - But Why Might Surprise
 While watching last night's NCAA title game (and admittedly switching back to USA to see if The Rock was back yet), I couldn't help but feel disappointment from the outset.  There were a lot of things to be disappointed about by the end of the game.  Butler shooting 18% from the field, ...

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 Article - April 15, 2011
 Need a FroYo fix? Wait for Yo Mama
 Huge niche being filled. S...