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Blog name: Calling The Kettle Black
Location: Milwaukee, WI
About me: I'm a hard-working, letter carrier trying to retire by 2018 while launching my writing career at the same time. It's my civil duty to deliver nothing but the good stuff every time. We can talk about whatever you want. Everything is fair game.

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 Sports - Sept. 21, 2011
 The Sports Bag: Do We Care About The Bears?
 This week is Bears-Packers week.  There has been some back-and-forth talk about what the Bears were going to do to the Packers in their matchup at Soldier Field Sunday.There's no need to worry.  If the Bears want a challenge, I'd say bring it.The team have other things to worry about th...
 Buzz - Aug. 30, 2011
 Neo-Nazi Group Won't Do a Thing
 Let the Neo-Nazi group come near State Fair Park.  They're not the Ku Klux Klan or the Skinheads.  This group will come here Saturday to take a stand.What kind of stand will they take?  You wouldn't call this white group the gatekeepers of the city of West Allis.For them, the call ...
 Sports - Aug. 19, 2011
 High School Football Fever
 High schools all across the state of Wisconsin began the first week of Friday Night lights.  Most of the schools played their first football game Friday, almost two weeks before the first official school day.For me, it was either go to the Packers preseason game at Lambeau Field or watc...
 Living - Aug. 19, 2011
 Happy To Be Working
 A copule of days ago, I pulled out of my garage getting ready to drive to work.  As I drove down the alley, there was another man already at work.He probably clocked in at the break of dawn, around 6:00 a.m.  I was still in bed tossing and turning.  It was too early for me to ...
 Buzz - Aug. 10, 2011
 Robbers Didn't Care About Killing Pregnant Woman
 The pregnant woman with twins in her belly who was gunned down in front of her teenage son was trying to go to work.  Two black men didn't have anything better to do than to kill her because she wouldn't give up her purse.Do you know where the killers are?  Someone does.  I wa...

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 Mob Attacks By Black Youths Unacceptable
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 A Loan For Sex
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 No More Dating Black Women
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