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Blog name: Intern Team: Kitt Herro
Location: Milwaukee
About me: Kitt lives and works in downtown Milwaukee hostessing at Kil@wat located in the posh InterContinental Hotel. Her favorite part about Milwaukee is that, "you can have whatever kind of experience you want." Whether its chilling at a bar on the East Side or clubbing on Milwaukee Street, she's down for pretty much anything fun. Miss Herro has also deemed herself as a "MilWalkee" (Milwaukee resident without wheels) and finds this the best opportunity to see the sights and discover hidden gems.

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 Music - Aug. 1, 2011
 The Skylight Opera Theatre Got Rocked!
  Saturday at the Skylight Theatre was truly a night to remember. The stage, which is usually home to opera and musicals, was transformed into a rock haven. A handful of Milwaukee’s best vocalists were brought together to perform benefitting the Broadway Theatre Center. Songs from rock musi...
 Arts & Entertainment - July 20, 2011
 Chill on the Hill 7/19
 Despite the heat dome that covered our city last night, The Urbanites seemed to keep it Chill on the Hill. The reggae sounds and African dance displayed by the vocalist as well as spectators kept our minds off the heat and on focused on the fun. The turnout was great considering the weather. Part...
 Buzz - July 12, 2011
 The Art of Planking
  Planking has swept the nation and is at the peak of popularity in Milwaukee. Also known as the lying down game or playing dead game, according to my research, planking began in Europe in the late '90s. In order to plank one must lie on an object with their head down and stay stiff as a board. A...
 Travel & Visitors Guide - June 24, 2011
 Fred Boutique is a Milwaukee must for ladies
  Is there a better way to spend a Monday night than being with your girlfriends dress shopping while drinking wine? In our opinion, no! This past week my friends and I had the privilege of shopping at Fred Boutique after hours. Let me tell you, this is the best way to do it. No crowds and atten...
 Travel & Visitors Guide - June 19, 2011
 Boerner Botanical Gardens: Milwaukee Park Paradise
  Since the sun finally decided to stop being a bratty teenage girl and grace us with its presence this past Friday I found it fitting to get out and enjoy the on-again weather. My initial plan was to travel around the zoo, but hitting snooze on my alarm clock after the late night out before ...

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 Blog - July 25, 2011
 Chill on the Hill 7/19
 My apologies! Rock Jazz fus...