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Blog name: Wisconsin Insurance Solutions
Location: Port Washington
About me: Commercial Insurance Advisor with direct experience in municipalities, construction, restaurants, distributors, auto industry, habitational (condo association, property management, apartments), entrepreneurs and other business. Placing an emphasis on providing preemptive strategies to manage current and future insurance costs. Partnering with over 40 insurance providers allows Ansay the ability to place each client with the most competitive market based on price and product (coverages).

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 Marketplace - Nov. 13, 2014
 Simple Tips for Winter Work
 By: Tony Matera / twitter @Insuring_WI Sadly the winter jackets are out, the holiday music is playing, even saw some lights being hung in the downtown today. All a constant reminder that Wisconsin's second (and longest season) is here. For that reason I wanted to share with those who find themse...
 Marketplace - Feb. 3, 2014
 Winter Safety Preventing Slips and Falls
   By: Tony Matera / twitter @Insuring_WI This winter has been brutally cold with a constant threat of snow and ice almost every other day. This time of year it is no surprise that the insurance world sees a severe spike in claims revolving around the slip and fall on ice, by both employee...
 Marketplace - Nov. 14, 2012
 Contractual Liability for Contractors- Subcontractor Agreements -
   By: Tony Matera / twitter @InsuringWI Over the last few years we have seen many large construction groups break off into smaller Artisan Contractors due to changes in the economy. Many times the smaller Artisans reconnect on larger projects. Just because they are not on your payroll and...
 Marketplace - Sept. 19, 2012
 Importance of a Return to Work Policy
  By: Tony Matera / twitter @Insuring_WI I am truly amazed when I have the chance to sit down for the first time with a potential client and they tell me that they do not currently have a return to work program, and that they are not sure if they even need one. Many excuses are, well we ...
 Marketplace - May 4, 2012
 Understanding the Importance of Business Income Coverage
 By: Tony Matera / twitter @WI_InsSolutions Most commonly overlooked coverage and quite possibly the most important is Business Income coverage or BI. Do you even know if you currently have BI and if so what are your limits?Business owners insure their real or tangible assets and property meaning ...

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 Article - Feb. 26, 2014
 This is the ONE thing you should do in Wisconsin?
 Visit Port Washington of co...