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Blog name: Tagged!
Location: Franklin, Wisconsin
About me: Published by Dean Voss, local web designer, entrepreneur, traveler and owner of Wildstylez studio, Tagged! was created for small business owners looking to pump-up their website. Watch for insider tips and tricks like future design trends, creative call to action, content marketing secrets and more. Check out Tagged! and join the conversation.

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 Dining - Sept. 7, 2015
 Where is the Best Mexican Food in Milwaukee?
 Where is the Best Mexican Food in Milwaukee? Where is the Best Mexican Food in Milwaukee?Where is the Best Mexican Food in Milwaukee?This is certainly not a new topic. In fact, this same question is asked, Googled, debated and pondered in Milwaukee, in the late in the afternoon every day.As ...
 Marketplace - Jan. 6, 2014
 Is Your Small Business Advertising just White Noise?
 Recently I volunteered to take part in a Q & A session on a small business marketing forum. I know that every small business owner, myself included, thinks about the topic often. I sidelined my scheduled article this week to share the discussion with all of you. The question directed at ...
 Marketplace - Nov. 8, 2012
 Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays.
 Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays. In a recent discussion with a client struggling to define his email strategy for the holidays, I decided to share an article I had saved, which was titled: Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays. He was initially gung-ho on a plan to discount just...

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 Article - Nov. 5, 2012
 How we can save struggling Milwaukee businesses
 Great Post! And great idea ...