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Blog name: Open Heart Blog
About me: A Chicago writer and comedian, Ive worked on TV, radio, ad campaigns, and had a short story published. In Jan. 09 surgeons performed an emergency quadruple bypass, broke me open like a pinata, saving my life. The physical recovery part went well. Im still working on the mental part. After several years of therapy, my psychologist set me off on my own. Open Heart Blog is my continued recovery, you might say, the day-to-day part Im doing all by myself that I update, pretty much, every Friday.

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 Living - Jan. 26, 2013
 Moving Experience
              This is my last post at Sorry. That's because Open Heart Blog has moved to ChicagoNow. All new posts can be found at 
 Living - Jan. 20, 2013
 Extra Redundant
         Someone offered me a free gift in the mail last week. A brightly colored, nicely printed brochure told me in a bold forty-eight point font, that if I bought their satellite dish or exercise bike or dialysis machine, I forget which, these fine folks I’d never met ...
 Living - Jan. 11, 2013
 Colbert Bump and Grind
  Something I wrote got on the Colbert Report a couple of weeks ago! It wasn’t a comedy bit, exactly, a wacky routine I submitted as a freelancer or anything like that. But it was the core of a comedy bit, a whole segment, actually. No, it wasn’t something I wrote to b...
 Living - Jan. 5, 2013
 You Have the Floor
             I’ve been sleeping on the floor on and off for the last week or so.I’m not being punished, our mattress is shot. It’s only two years old but it’s got two giant caters on either side where my wife and I are supposed to sleep. A...
 Living - Dec. 30, 2012
 My Date with a Doctor
  I’m getting a colonoscopy this Monday. It’ll be my second. Colonoscopies are a rite of “passage” (pun somewhat intended) when you turn that “certain age,” the age when doctors start looking around in places you thought, for sure, no one would ...

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