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Blog name: Mr. B's blog
Location: Milwaukee
About me: I am a lifelong resident of Milwaukee, and truly care about what happens in my city. There are a lot of things that pop up on a daily basis that need to be discussed and talked about and that is what i feel i need to do.

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 Buzz - Feb. 19, 2013
 is milwaukee a great city?
 People have been fighting over whether or not, Milwaukee is a great city, but I think that there a bigger and better things to fight over, like what would make Milwaukee not be a great city. Its real easy to dismiss Milwaukee as not being hip or not being like other cities, without looking at wha...
 Buzz - Feb. 6, 2013
 $2 billion dollars a year vs no mail on saturday
  Apparently, the federal government has decided that the best way to save the slowly dying USPS is to cut services on Saturday. Apparently, not delivering mail is going to save billions of dollars. I find it hard to believe that this is going to fix anything. When it was brought up earlier that ...
 Buzz - Jan. 26, 2013
 happiness is owning a gun?
 I find it interesting that Sheriff Clarke has said that its up to the residents to assist in their own sense of safety and protection. Correct me if Im wrong, but isnt that the job of the police department and not the average citizen? Isnt there a move across the country to get guns out of the ha...
 Buzz - Jan. 25, 2013
 Have we learned nothing from the Simpsons
 Here, I like the rest of Milwaukee, had believed that this need to have a monorail, I mean, electric street car, had fallen along the way side, but apparently, we were wrong. Apparently, those in the know in this great city of ours, have never seen the monorail episode of the Simpsons. In the mon...
 Buzz - Jan. 22, 2013
 And still we co-sleep
 Every year we talk about the importance of children, and how more and more should be done in order to give them the care and attention that they deserve. We worry about MPS, we worry about after school and before school activities. We worry about safety of school buses and whether or not the best...

Recent Talkbacks
 Article - Jan. 26, 2013
 Milwaukee landscape is full of little landmarks
 If you are looking for a le...