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Blog name: a physical perspective
Location: Milwaukee, WI
About me: Hi, I'm Britt Skrabanek...Writer. Yogi. Life Enthusiast. My blog a physical perspective... a whimsical snapshot of life, the tireless playground we are all privileged to share. As an indie author, I enjoy writing about bold female characters, who use their misconstrued sass and wit for good. I've written two books thus far, Beneath the Satin Gloves and Everything's Not Bigger...

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 Arts & Entertainment - Feb. 4, 2013
 Beggars and Champagne
 Once upon a time, there was a magical land far, far away named Milwaukee. It was a land filled with beggars and least in my eyes, the starry eyes of a non-native.Before I moved here I led a previous life in Dallas, and a previous-previous life in SoCal. At a young age, Wayne&rsq...

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