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Sports - Oct. 7, 2010
Baseball ... by the numbers
You can find out a lot about the 2010 baseball season just by reading the stat sheets.
Tagged with: baseball, statistics, brewers
Sports - Oct. 1, 2010
What are the odds?
Mark Concannon is back from Vegas, and blogging about his favorite part of the sports culture on The Strip -- the futures bet.
Music - Sept. 22, 2010
Behind the scenes with Willy Porter (exclusive video)
Willy Porter is a busy man these days, doing everything from teaching his 7-year-old son to play the guitar to working with a world famous string quartet to provide a new layer of music to some of his most well-known songs. We spoke with Porter and had him play a few songs for us at his home studio.
Movies & TV - Sept. 20, 2010
New TNT drama has "the beat"
Mark Concannon chimes in with a quick review of "Memphis Beat," TNT's new cop drama with Jason Lee.
Tagged with: tnt, memphis beat, jason lee
Sports - Sept. 8, 2010
Reflecting on Hoffman's accomplishment
Mark Concannon had the best seat in the house to watch Trevor Hoffman clinch his 600th save.
Tagged with: brewers, trevor hoffman
Sports - Sept. 7, 2010
Behind the scenes at a Brewers game (exclusive video)
Every home game, Brewers fans experience a spectacular display of music, visual effects, fireworks and fun contests throughout the game. And for the hardcore fan, every piece of pertinent information, all the statistics that make baseball the most data-driven sport on the planet, are flashed on multiple scoreboards all over the park.
Sports - Sept. 6, 2010
Fantasy football: No thanks but good luck
For Mark Concannon, fantasy football isn't his cup of tea. But he wishes your team luck, anyway.
Tagged with: fantasy football, nfl
Dining - Sept. 1, 2010
Behind the scenes with Bartolotta (exclusive video)
He owns some of the hottest restaurants in Wisconsin. Joe Bartolotta runs a company which consists of 11 businesses and 700 employees, operating in a fiercely competitive marketplace and enjoying success despite a sluggish economy. In this exclusive, we show you the many facets of running the Bartolotta empire.
Sports - Aug. 31, 2010
Dire times in the Windy City
The Cubs are awful. The Sox are struggling to stay in the pennant race. The Bulls didn't sign Lebron. The Bears have looked terrible in the preseason. There's only one question on the minds of Chicago sports fans.
Music - Aug. 23, 2010
Rockin' with red-hot Pipers
Mark Concannon's most-anticipated summer concert wasn't at the Bradley Center or Marcus Amphitheater.
Sports - Aug. 18, 2010
PGA needs to get its house in order
It's time for the PGA Tour to rethink the way it operates.
Sports - Aug. 10, 2010
Plenty of action at Whistling Straits
The PGA Championship doesn't officially get underway until Thursday. Still, Whistling Straits is buzzing with activity.
Sports - Aug. 4, 2010
Haynesworth could use a reality check
All Albert Haynesworth had to do was show up in camp in shape. Doesn't seem like much to ask, does it?
Sports - July 28, 2010
Baker's concern makes Concannon a fan
Dusty Baker's interest in last week's floods earned the respect of journalist Mark Concannon.
Buzz - July 27, 2010
After the floods, cleanup continues
The flood waters came and went -- quickly. The cleanup, however, will take some time.
Music - July 17, 2010
A musical tour through Festa Italiana
There is more to Festa Italiana than fried eggplant, canoli and a big Mass on Sunday. For Mark Concannon, music is a main attraction.
Sports - July 12, 2010
"1" is the loveliest number for Spain
Another day, another 1-0 victory. La Roja won all four of its games in the knockout round, 1-0, scoring just eight goals in the tournament while conceding only two, further proof that defense wins championships.
Sports - July 11, 2010
World Cup Final preview
One match to go; Spain vs. The Netherlands. Mark Concannon breaks down the matchup.
Tagged with: world cup, soccer
Sports - July 6, 2010
Preview: World Cup semifinals
Mark Concannon takes a look at the World Cup's final four teams.
Sports - July 2, 2010
Previewing the World Cup quarterfinals
Mark Concannon sets the stage for the World Cup quarterfinals.
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