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Movies & TV - Aug. 11, 2011
"The Help" shows a piece of American history
"The Help" is a 1960s period piece (if it's not too early to call it that) that takes place in the Deep South during the Jim Crow years. It shows a life where black people are not confined to the constructs of slavery anymore, but something that closely resembles it.
Movies & TV - Aug. 1, 2011
Monday Matinee Madness: Beats, Rhymes & Life
Jazz had Miles Davis, punk rock had Black Flag, heavy metal had Metallica and hip-hop had A Tribe Called Quest. The documentary "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest," directed by Michael Rappaport, chronicles the rise to fame that ATCQ achieved, and their essential downfall as key members Q-Tip and Phife Dawg grew apart artistically.
Sports - July 20, 2011
Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball sets up in Milwaukee
Part of a four-stop series that will span the United States, Jose Cuervo's Pro Beach Volleyball Series kicks off right here in Milwaukee this weekend.
Movies & TV - July 18, 2011
Monday Matinee Madness: Rubber
Only a few weeks ago I found out about a little French film that has recently made it to the States. "Rubber" is about a car tire that comes to life and causes things to explode with psychic brain waves. I wish I could say you read that last sentence wrong.
Movies & TV - July 13, 2011
"Rescue Me": The beginning of the end
A lot has happened in America since Sept. 11 and for the most part Americans have stepped out of the shadows of the terror and moved on. "Rescue Me" has been a show that, for the past seven years, shows the lives of the people who cannot move along silently into the night. With the first of a nine-episode season kicking off tonight, the producers plan on taking the story back to its roots.
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